Fundraising Playbook

mid-level giving

Mid-level donors. They can be both a source of opportunity and conflict at the same time.

On one hand, their cumulative giving can aid you greatly in achieving your fundraising goals and some may even develop in time to become major gift or planned giving donors. On the other hand, engaging this subset of donors risks allocating valuable time away from cultivating known major donors to focus on prospects whose capacity isn’t fully realized.

Fundraisers are now faced with the challenge of finding ways to further saturate their portfolios and provide the level of white-glove service and personal engagement previously reserved for their top donors.

With our Mid-Level Giving Playbook, we’ll help you map out the best approaches to engaging your mid-level donors to ensure that their impact, as well as your fundraising team’s time and energy, remains a strategic priority.

Here's what you can expect from this FREE fundraising playbook from Gravyty:

  • A direct look into how you can build a comprehensive donor journey for quality and consistent communication 
  • Why and how you should be using stewardship to kick-start your mid-level giving
  • The actions you can take to dive deeper into the giving pyramid to realize new and increased revenue from your fundraising team 

Gravyty Mid-Level Giving Playbook