Fundraising Playbook

Days of giving

When many of us think about what Days of Giving entail, it's about pulling out all the stops. It's an opportunity for organizations to connect with the more considerable breadth of their donor base, drive participation and engagement, and celebrate their mission and achievements. As you prepare for your unique day, it's crucial to have the strategies in place to ensure a successful day of event-based outreach.

While much planning goes into the execution of the event itself, taking a broader view of the impact of Day of Giving on your overarching fundraising goals and longer-term donor stewardship is vital to leveraging the event as a strategic tool in your fundraising arsenal.

With our Day of Giving Playbook in hand, take the next step toward conducting your best event yet.

Here's what you can expect from this FREE fundraising playbook from Gravyty:

  • Understand the full impact of a Day of Giving on your stewardship efforts
  • Day-of best practices you'll be able to apply that not only impact this one day but many more to come
  • How to scale your personalized outreach to maximize philanthropic impact throughout the year

Days of Giving Playbook Cover + Summary