By Tiffany Liu • August 4, 2017

    "Working in Boston Tech: Gravyty" | VentureFizz Feature

    Thank you to VentureFizz for their fun feature on us! We strive to create a culture that is fast-paced, challenging, and condusive for all ideas. While we are a small startup, we know how crucial it is to allow everyone own their work and know that they're being respected across the whole company. But we're also competitive and extremely dedicated to making all aspects of our company reflect the hard work of the nonprofits we serve. We're proud to be leaders in uncharted territory, and we hope you join us! 

    Below are excerpts from our feature:

    Can you share the details on what Gravyty does?

    We develop prescriptive and actionable artificial intelligence that leverages private, public, and behavioral data to empower nonprofit organizations to raise more money from their major and mid-level donors.

    What are your plans for growth in terms of hiring in 2017 and for what positions?

    Because of the early success that we’ve seen, we are going through an extension round of funding right now in order to accelerate our growth. We are constantly finding ways to innovate within our technology solutions, but are also innovating in both sales and marketing because showing customers the power of AI for their needs is an exciting challenge.

    In 2017, we are primarily focusing our recruitment efforts on:

    • A marketing specialist who can help us articulate the benefits of AI to a nonprofit audience in a role that has the ability to execute across all our channels and mediums

    • A data scientist who is focused more on the mathematical/statistical elements of data science in order to continue to improve on our core technology as well as help us envision mobilizing the vast amounts of data we are collecting to bring solutions to nonprofits. Past examples of this include using ML/NLP to learn from user text to prescribe outreach to donors, graph theory to optimize trips when meeting with non-local donors, and probabilistic modeling to determine how long someone should be “cultivated” before asking for a contribution to the organization.

    • A software engineer to join our highly-skilled team to focus on collaborating with our data scientists to bring projects to life and create products that will be used on the front lines of nonprofits to bring about change for millions of people.

    What are your company’s core values or how would you best describe the culture and working environment at Gravyty?

    We are inspired by the missions of our customers and work creatively and proactively to provide them with the best solutions and services. Gravyty is the epitome of a work-hard, play-hard team. We come to work every day to make fundraisers’ jobs easier and have a blast doing it!

    On our wall is the message: “Win every day” which is intended, not as a outward nod to competition, but an inward assessment of whether we are helping our customers and learning more today than we did yesterday.

    From a big picture point of view, what experience or traits do you typically look for when interviewing and hiring new employees into Gravyty?

    When we are hiring, we spend a lot time looking for candidates who display coachability, self-awareness, humility and adaptability. We are always in search of great talent with these characteristics, combined with an attitude that is constructively opinionated. We believe that empowering our employees to have autonomy over their responsibilities is the best way to build a strong and results-driven culture, and is necessary for the success of an early stage company that has a big grand vision.

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