By Drew Fox Jordan • October 21, 2019

    Why Gift Officer Management Is Critical for Seizing Opportunities in Nonprofit Fundraising

    Blackbaud recently released an infographic with new research titled How Gift Officer Management Impacts Fundraising Goals. The study found that in 2018, only 51 percent of gift officers raised $500,000 or more, 53 percent of assigned prospects don’t get a personal visit, and 66 percent of the best prospects aren’t known by the fundraising team or assigned to a gift officer.

    Source: https://highereducation.blackbaud.com/advancement-persona/infographic-how-gift-officer-management-impacts-fundraising-goals-4

    SOURCE: Blackbaud

    What does this all mean? Blackbaud’s critical finding is, “Managing your talent matters…when talent isn’t managed with a thoughtful strategy, it only costs [nonprofit organizations] in missed opportunities…”

    These findings are paramount to the work Gravyty does by helping organizations use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to execute strategy giving frontline fundraisers the working capacity to create multiple personalized touch points with their entire assigned portfolios each year, increase personal visits, and inspire more major gifts.

    AI-Enabled Fundraising

    With Gravyty and AI, our customers, such as The College of Charleston, have expanded their fundraising workforces by 2.6x without making any additional hires. Imagine a team of 15 fundraisers with the ability to act as a team of 39 or a team of 20 frontline fundraisers working like a team of 50. Blackbaud’s research is correct in identifying that donor management and fundraiser inefficiency get in the way of gift officers doing their best work. Gravyty's fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI, is proven to solve challenges that nonprofit institutions face in fundraising.

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