By Linda Lull • August 19, 2019

    Why AI for Independent School Fundraising

    Independent schools have a unique mix of fundraising challenges. Maintaining a philanthropic mindset with young alumni can be challenging, personalizing touchpoints to potential and future donors is difficult to systematically manage, and of course, schools are looking to achieve greater parent and alumni participation. In the same breath leaders need to build a strong major gifts pipeline.

    For leaders looking to grow advancement in a competitive environment, it seems clear that increasing fundraiser activity is the solution to each one of these challenges. However, when fundraisers already find themselves maxed out in their abilities to manage donors and prospects and critical volunteers aren’t (by nature) able to commit on a full-time basis, how is this possible?

    A New Solution: AI-Enabled Fundraising

    Gravyty is the first AI company focusing solely on social good. Our AI fundraiser enablement tools are helping fundraisers spend less time in spreadsheets and mundane tasks, and more time in donor-facing activities. This includes qualifying, cultivating and stewarding donors at scales never thought possible before.

    For example, AI-enabled fundraising is helping fundraisers in education manage their assigned portfolios, and build relationships with new donor prospects by empowering them to establish multiple personalized touchpoints throughout the year.

    What impact would it have on your school if AI expanded the working capacity of fundraisers by 150 percent, without making an additional hire or enlisting new volunteers?

    College Of Charleston Expands Fundraising Workforce by 150% with Gravyty and AI

    If you’re interested in the transformative power of Gravyty’s AI fundraiser enablement tools, let us know. We’d love to speak with you.

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