By Drew Fox Jordan • October 8, 2020

    What's The Value Of Personalized Donor Outreach?

    Everyone knows exactly what an email blast looks like, whether it’s from your alma mater asking for a contribution to their fundraising campaign, or the local pet shelter looking for extra funding. Donors today expect more from nonprofits. They want to see an appeal that’s relevant to their individual interests.

    A report from Accenture finds that 44 percent of donors are willing to donate up to 10% more upon receiving an “individualized experience” as opposed to mass-marketed communications. Think about that for a second—donors admit organizations leave opportunities on the table simply because they haven’t made personalized appeals.

    What's The Value Of Personalized Donor Outreach?

    The problem is that the way we develop human connections is through personal conversation and individualized touchpoints. Just like a barista who puts a personal touch on every coffee order creates a line of customers who aren't being served, there's a natural limit on a fundraiser's capacity to tailor everything they do for a single person, over-and-over again.

    People give to people. It's why the goal with every donor or giving prospect is to establish and build a human connection -- because those connections are fruitful.

    Technology empowers fundraisers to personalize multiple touchpoints with prospects and donors alike, throughout the year. Using technology to feign personalization -- the way that mail merges, chatbots, and other marketing automation technologies work -- is precisely the wrong way to go.

    Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI, transform what’s possible in overall fundraising by giving individual fundraisers a way to finally personalize outreach, at scale. Gravyty starts by working directly within tech everyone already knows, email. There are no logins to remember, additional screens to add to your workflow, or databases to navigate.

    Gravyty First Draft in fundraisers email

    And since Gravyty is aligned with your organization’s fundraising strategy, our AI recommends the very best donor or prospect to reach out to today. It may feel funny for some to let AI set priorities -- that is why Gravyty’s AI tells fundraisers exactly why it recommends outreach to a specific person on a specific day, complete with relevant information from the CRM. No need to get lost swimming around in the ocean of CRM data, anymore!

    Personalized email from Gravyty First Draft

    Finally, Gravyty’s AI takes a magical step by self-writing a suggested message to the donor or prospect by considering and comparing data points from internal sources, external sources, and even someone’s relationship history with a fundraiser or the organization. Gravyty gets fundraisers 80% of the way there and now fundraisers fundraisers simply click the “Edit First Draft” button to further personalize the outreach, edit, and insert their writing style to complete the final 20%. Along the way, fundraisers gain the capacity to personalize outreach more meaningfully, faster, and to more donors than ever before though possible.

    Edit First Draft
    Sample personalized email to donor

    Because Gravyty makes personalization at scale a reality, fundraisers no longer struggle with the tedious tasks that prevent them from managing multiple meaningful touchpoints with their existing portfolio of donors throughout the year. They also gain the capacity to do the same with hundreds of new major giving prospects and other donors who would have never otherwise receive personalized outreach. This approach has empowered fundraising teams to inspire millions in new giving.

    Learn how you can take your personalized donor outreach to the next level. Talk to a Gravyty specialist today.

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