By Kevin Leahy • December 6, 2019

    What's New in Gravyty First Draft?


    What's New in Gravyty First Draft ?

    As the first and leading provider of fundraiser enablement software powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Gravyty is constantly working to make fundraisers more efficient and effective. Our focus on transformative results means we constantly strive to empower fundraisers to inspire more gifts quicker than ever thought possible. Today, we’re excited to announce new updates to Gravyty First Draft, our flagship AI tool, and new features for managers.

    Best of all, these new features exist within the products Gravyty users already know and love.

    Let’s get right into it. Here are the new buttons and features fundraisers will see in their Gravyty First Draft emails:

    Relationship History
    Any fundraiser will tell you that there are many situations throughout a given day in which they need to check their CRM for key information. That might mean doing discovery work on a prospect, getting a refresh on notes from a previous interaction with a known donor, and the dreaded situation of attempting to do this quickly from an off-site location. But the simple act of needing to check your CRM is a surefire way to ruin your workflow and focus. That’s why Gravyty designed the new Relationship History button within First Draft.

    Now, fundraisers can simply click the Relationship History button in their First Draft and they will see a unique view, produced just for them, that reflects all relationship history logged in the CRM, no matter who logged it or when it was logged. For example, if you have an upcoming visit with a donor, you can filter in to see precisely what the last contact was with them. Whether email, phone call, meeting or otherwise, Gravyty has you covered.

    Relationship History2019

    For quick views, Gravyty uses AI to summarize notes from each donor touchpoint in the CRM. For a full view, the fundraiser can simply click in to see the entire notes logged. And, because this is a unique page that’s spun up by instance, it also means no more trouble accessing the CRM while on the go.

    With the Relationship History button in First Draft, you always have the most up-to-date context on donors and prospects right at your disposal.

    Gravyty GO!

    Gravyty GO! is one of the most popular AI-enabled Gravyty products. Now, we bring Gravyty GO! directly into your First Draft.

    When Gravyty sends you a First Draft email for a donor or prospect, you’ll now see “Request a Gravyty GO! for this Location”. Clicking this button triggers a Gravyty GO! email to your inbox that suggests other top prospects that you should reach out to in the same vicinity as that donor or prospect. And, you can work with the Gravyty Customer Success team to fine-tune these suggestions to focus only on the donors within your managed portfolio or donors across all portfolios – Discovery or ‘Auxiliary’ included.

    We find that organizations with smaller fundraising teams love the ability to meet donors on behalf of their colleagues and increase opportunities for the entire organization. Larger fundraising shops have also used this functionality to increase visibility in regions or territories they typically do not travel to.

    Another way to use Gravyty GO!’s AI-enabled geo-location feature is to match it to events and conferences that you or your leadership might be traveling to. For example, perhaps leadership is presenting at an industry conference or the basketball team has a big game on the road. Gravyty can quickly pull a Gravyty GO! for that specific location, allowing your fundraisers to set up a happy hour, alumni-viewing party, or another event to draw the highest potential donors and prospects to them.

    Sentence Feedback

    And now, you can even give Gravyty feedback on the AI-written First Draft produced for you all directly within First Draft. Tell us line-by-line what matters for you, where the AI is getting things right and where it could improve for you. We use this data to continuously improve the product and ensure that we’re learning your language.

    Feedback Button2019

    And let’s not forget about managers! Amazing new updates to Gravyty Manager Dashboards empower managers to understand the results of increased fundraiser activity that fundraiser enablement, powered by AI brings to their teams.

    Manager Dashboards
    Gravyty Manager Dashboards and Success Reporting help you stay up to date on your organization by giving managers a detailed view of how fundraisers use Gravyty to achieve successful outcomes, both at the organizational and the individual fundraiser levels.

    Success Reporting has beautiful new data visualizations allow managers to compare outreach activities year-to-year, month-to-month, and for custom time periods. Are meetings increasing? How about phone calls? Are fundraisers traveling enough to reach their goals? Our new data visualizations allow managers to answer these questions about as fast as they can ask them.

    Additionally, to track goals, Gravyty Manager Dashboards also keep KPI metrics top of mind. How do current gifts compare to last year? Are gift values increasing? Where do we need to focus our attention to meet and exceed expectations?

    Gravyty’s updates to the manager dashboard mean our customers are always informed about fundraiser activity and understand health metrics for overall fundraising efforts.

    We hope these new features further empower you to be more efficient and keep focused on successful fundraising activities.

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