Ollie Rothmann By Ollie Rothmann • August 5, 2021

    What To Consider Before Launching Your Next Fundraising Campaign

    Are you planning to launch a campaign in the coming months? Many organizations chose to delay or freeze their campaigns during the pandemic, so fundraising experts are expecting an onslaught of capital campaigns in FY22. Aside from all of the planning that goes on prior to launching publicly, how can YOU ensure that you will reach your goal?

    What To Consider Before Launching Your Next Fundraising Campaign

    Sure, you may have hired consultants to help with a feasibility study and such, but as a fundraising leader, you might want to perform your own internal campaign feasibility evaluation. 

    What do I mean by this? Think big picture with me:

    • Do you have the capabilities to engage with every single donor and prospect in your database with your current team?
    • Will your gift officers be enabled to personally communicate with every donor in their portfolio? 
    • Will these gift officers also have the bandwidth to carry out significant discovery work to cultivate new donors?

    The overarching concern before a campaign is twofold. First, there have to be enough qualified donors in your pipeline to make the campaign goal reachable. And second, your fundraising team needs to have the capacity to personally reach those donors to inspire the giving that makes reaching that goal possible. A third concern, depending on your team structure, is having the additional capacity to qualify enough donors in the first place.

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    With so many campaigns happening at the same time, competition for donor dollars is going to be at its height. And on the heels of the biggest year for giving ever recorded, donor fatigue will continue to show its teeth. So, it is critical to have the capacity to genuinely engage with all of your donors, while also putting forth significant discovery efforts to ensure that no quality opportunities are left on the table.

    Mass marketing emails won't cut it.

    This prevents the nightmare scenario of being short of your goal with 6-months remaining in the campaign and seemingly no path to hitting your goal. Discovery and qualification must be done in tandem with cultivation and stewardship efforts to ensure your gift officers have a robust pipeline to sustain the length of the campaign. 

    As part of your internal feasibility evaluation, it would be in your best interest to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) empowers your team to do everything above. Gravyty's AI enables fundraisers to fully saturate their donor portfolios without reducing portfolio size or working longer hours. In fact, capacity gained through Grafyty allows fundraisers to carry "auxiliary portfolios” which are constructed of specific segments of your donor pool within which you’d like to do discovery work.

    So, while your fundraisers are engaging with all of their donors, they are also qualifying hundreds of previously untapped prospects throughout the year. While donors advance through the pipeline, you are also able to backfill with newly discovered prospects. By personally engaging with every single donor consistently throughout the year, relationships are built and developed, creating a sustainable pipeline for the remainder of the campaign and beyond.

    Are you launching a campaign this year? See a Gravyty demo today and learn how AI can help you reach your goals in record time and transform what is possible in fundraising:

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