By Kevin Leahy • April 26, 2019

    What is Fundraiser Enablement?

    Here at Gravyty, we talk a lot about fundraiser enablement. It’s a term we love, because it’s all about empowering fundraisers to inspire transformational gifts for their organization’s mission or cause. When fundraisers use fundraising enablement tools that they love, they’re able to achieve results that nonprofits never thought possible before!

    Defining Fundraiser Enablement

    What exactly is fundraiser enablement?
    Fundraiser enablement is the collection of tools and processes that guide fundraisers along a strategic path to inspire philanthropic giving. With fundraiser enablement, frontline fundraisers spend less time digging through data and performing analysis and more time doing the human work that they do best, which is interacting with donors, building relationships, and advancing their organization's mission.

    Similar to “sales enablement”, fundraiser enablement is strategic. It empowers frontline fundraisers to prompt valuable conversations, with the right donors or prospects, at the right time. Furthermore, fundraiser enablement allows an organization to build donor pipeline with a qualification process that personalizes outreach to prospects that were otherwise missed opportunities, because they sat dormant in rated but unassigned pools. Fundraiser enablement is at its best when it involves the parallel alignment of people, technology, and strategy. When this powerful alignment occurs, fundraisers are able to bypass minutia and focus on activities that drive philanthropic giving.


    Because fundraiser enablement touches so many different pieces of the Advancement puzzle and produces a lot of questions, it’s a worthwhile exercise to examine that fundraiser enablement is not. At Gravyty, we believe that fundraiser enablement is NOT:

    Fundraiser Enablement is not a CRM.Fundraiser enablement is NOT a system of record or CRM. 
    Organizations have spent the last few decades storing data in systems of record – and more recently CRMs – to get data into a place where it's accessible to use for fundraisers. Rather, fundraiser enablement is a suite of tools that works with existing technology resources to drive action based on this data. 

    Fundraiser Enablement is not a dashboardFundraiser enablement is NOT a dashboard to learn. 
    Fundraiser enablement tools are not dashboards that simply report on a fundraiser’s or organization’s activity. Instead, fundraiser enablement tools drive behaviors and activities for fundraisers ­– empowering them to spend more time in donor-facing activities.

    Fundraiser Enablement is not an app or a website to log intoFundraiser enablement is NOT an app to download or website to log into. 
    Between the number of apps you manage on your mobile device and the websites you already have to log into, it’s important that fundraiser enablement tools do not just become another tool lost in the accumulation of technology you already own. 

    Fundraiser Enablement is not a user interfaceAnd, here at Gravyty, we also believe that fundraiser enablement should NOT have a user interface. 
    We’re even willing to take this concept a step further. Fundraiser enablement tools should seamlessly fit into the technology and tools fundraisers already use – namely, directly in your email.

    With fundraiser enablement tools, organizations are expanding their workforces by two to three times their size without making additional hires, developing donor pipeline at a scale never thought possible before, uncovering and prompting outreach to lost donors, and more.

    To learn what’s possible for fundraisers who discover fundraiser enablement tools that they love, see our fundraiser spotlight with Taylor Buxbaum of Arkansas State University.

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