By Drew Fox Jordan • December 17, 2020

    What Fundraising Can Teach Us About Sales

    The COVID-19 pandemic forced countless industries to take a step back and reexamine the very nature of how they work. What is the ultimate goal, and what do we need to do to achieve it in this “new normal”?

    With conferences moving online, there are no more keynote speeches to chat about over a cup of coffee. We no longer have the ability to travel to visit our partners the way we once did. How do we develop relationships without these interactions that build two-way trust?

    What Fundraising Can Teach Us About Sales

    We are very fortunate to work with nonprofits and the fundraisers that drive giving to these organizations in support of their missions. Just as fundraisers had to imagine new ways to continue building relationships and cultivate new ones, it was a seemingly natural step for us to model our approach to sales off how gift officers were approaching their jobs.

    By modeling ourselves after the way fundraisers build relationships, Gravyty is changing how we approach sales during these unprecedented times. Here are a few things we have learned so far:

    Portfolio approach

    For gift officers, transactional interactions are far too impersonal for a major gift ask. We are moving away from the transactional nature of sales and to a method of having reps with portfolios to develop, build, and maintain relationships. Our goal is that the buying process becomes much smoother and personalized, rather than feeling like you are being sold to.

    Personalized conversations

    Rather than relying on large presentations at conferences and broadly focused webinars to use as a jumping-off point to talk with folks, our reps are assigned with personally reaching out to their portfolio and developing personal touchpoints with the individuals working there.

    Our reps know that while brand name is important, first name is essential. It is critically important to remember that in B2B sales, there is still a personal relationship that needs to exist before any business is done.

    Active and mindful listening

    Not all organizations were impacted the same way by the events of 2020. Because of this, it is important to listen to the problems each organization needs to solve. From there, our reps can assess whether there is a natural fit for Gravyty to help to achieve your goals. Our technology solutions for nonprofit organizations are suitable for numerous use cases so it is important we listen to the needs of the organization first.

    Understanding timelines

    Fundraisers are always going back and forth between the timeline of their organization’s goals and what makes sense for a donor and if it aligns with their affinities. We’ve taken a proactive approach to make sure that deals do not and will not get in the way of relationships. We only sell if and when it is the right time.

    Ultimately, this benefits the organization to achieve its goals how and when they need to be met. Our Customer Success team will be able to guide you through what solutions we can provide in real-time, ensuring that you are getting the most out of Gravyty.

    Want to find out how to optimize your fundraising processes? Contact us today and talk to a real person about how Gravyty can elevate your giving.

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