By Drew Fox Jordan • December 9, 2019

    What Does a Gravyty Implementation Look Like?

    So your organization has decided to implement Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement tools, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). We realize that this may be your first fundraiser enablement implementation and likely one of your organization’s first AI implementations. You probably have a lot of questions about what it will take from your team -- both time and effort -- to get up and running. Not to worry, we’re on a mission to set new industry standards for implementation and have a track record of doing so.

    By on-boarding many varied and diverse organizations over the last three years, we’ve learned that each is a unique experience. Our goal is to unlock the transformative power of AI for your organization quickly and smoothly. This begins by establishing a great partner relationship from Day 1 that includes strong support and involvement from your organization and ours. With this method, Gravyty’s average implementation is between 4-6 weeks.

    Read on for a thorough breakdown of how Gravyty helps organizations go from zero to AI-enabled in 4-6 weeks.

    Donor Data + Strategic Alignment = 4-6 Week Implementations

    Gravyty provides your fundraisers with the best donors to reach out to at the best possible time from their portfolios and suspect pools. This means that the first step in the implementation process is the most important – getting your donor data into Gravyty, even if your fundraisers’ portfolios need updating or your suspect and auxiliary pools have not yet been identified.

    While we ensure that the format of your CRM’s data will load into Gravyty, we simultaneously work with your fundraisers and researchers to help build or fine-tune portfolios.

    Aligning Teams and Setting Mutual Expectations: 45 Minutes

    On the first day of implementation, Gravyty pairs with key stakeholders at your organization and splits into two strategic teams. One team works on the data exchange process, which includes your database manager or IT department. The other team works on portfolio strategy with your fundraisers.

    Data Exchange: 12 Hours over 2 Weeks (30-45 Minutes per Day)

    Data Mapping & Data Exchange

    The data exchange team first spends time understanding how your organization records donor data. Depending on the CRM an organization uses, Gravyty either facilitates the creation of data pulls to be sent to Gravyty, or we set up an automated integration. Then, the team turns its attention to verifying and fine-tuning the data exchange until it’s ready for fundraisers to test out Gravyty’s AI fundraiser enablement tools.

    The data exchange timeline typically takes no more than 12 hours over 2 weeks. However, organizations with Salesforce or RE NXT have a notably lighter workload -- typically 5 hours or less.

    Portfolio Strategy & Fundraiser Enablement: 3-5 Hours over 2 Weeks

    Portfolio Strategy & Fundraiser EnablementWhile the data exchange team works, our second team of key stakeholders talks with your organization’s leadership overseeing fundraisers as well as prospect researchers and managers who set portfolio management strategy. Our goals are to learn how your organization identifies and assigns fundraisers to donors and suspects and to set up the auxiliary portfolios that fundraisers will draw from now that they will have expanded capacity through AI. From this information, we inform the data exchange process and help you decide how to maximize your Gravyty use case(s). This process is completed through short phone calls, typically totaling 3-5 hours over 2 weeks, to finish in sync with the data exchange.

    Data Verification: 1-2 Days

    To ensure that Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement tools are fine-tuned and ready for the entire team, we select an early user to test it out and confirm that data mapping was successful. This typically takes only a day and puts Gravyty’s data team in direct contact with the fundraiser to address any questions, while confirming that all cylinders are firing at full-steam. Once data is verified, we confirm the go-live date for the team, so your organization can experience the transformational power of fundraiser enablement, powered by AI.


    Go-Live: 1.5 Hours

    Your team is now AI-enabled through Gravyty! To ensure early success with Gravyty, our Customer Success team trains your team on our suite of fundraiser enablement tools, catered to your specific use case(s). Typically, this training -- done in-person whenever possible -- lasts 1.5 hours and introduces you to Gravyty Live, which supports your fundraisers and leaders on your fundraiser enablement journey.

    Bonus: Gravyty Live

    Gravyty believes that AI and technology should support strategy, not define it. That’s why we think it is imperative that our customers see us as trusted partners, not another vendor. After we establish the foundation for the relationship in the implementation phase, Gravyty Live is available to the customer and is the expert one-to-one, on-demand support that ensures this engagement constantly drives action for your team. The Gravyty Live team is made up of fundraising professionals who have an average of 10 years of experience in advancement.

    As leadership learns more about your donors and fundraisers, Gravyty Live is your pathway to consider how you might strategically move donor pools around, reassign fundraisers, and identify more suspects. And, through one-on-one sessions, your frontline fundraisers will gain tips on how they can maximize personalized outreach and relationship-building activities, at scale.

    Click below to learn more about Gravyty Live.

    Gravyty Live: Meet Lisa Alvezi


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