By Kevin Leahy • September 8, 2019

    [VIDEO] Cure Alzheimer's Fund Uses AI-Enabled Fundraising To Find a Cure Faster

    When you are trying to get closer to a cure as quickly as possible, every dollar and every donor matter. That's why our great friends and partners at Cure Alzheimer's Fund use Gravyty and fundraiser enablement, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

    Cure Alzheimer's Fund believes that we can live in a world with effective therapies for this debilitating disease. Getting to that future as quickly as possible is about funding the necessary research to create positive change. Gravyty helps the team at Cure Alzheimer's Fund consistently create personal touchpoints with a base of 20,000 donors and prospects. In fact, in a single fiscal year, Gravyty prompted outreach that led to 69 gifts, worth a total of $1.2 million.

    Hear about this amazing work from Cure Alzheimer's Fund President and CEO, Tim Armour in our Fundraiser Spotlight.





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