By Drew Fox Jordan • August 30, 2021

    Using Gravyty Resources To Do The Best Work Of Your Life

    Here at Gravyty, our goal is to empower fundraisers to do the best work of their lives, but what does that mean? That means giving gift officers the tools to personally reach more donors so that we can find the next cure or aid our most vulnerable populations. That includes our suite of artificial intelligence fundraiser enablement tools, but it also includes our toolkits, playbooks, webinars, and Master Classes as well.

    Using Gravyty Resources To Do The Best Work Of Your Life

    In your quest to better your own craft, we want to give you as many opportunities to do so as possible. This guide will help break down how you can use our different resources to transform what is possible in fundraising.

    Fundraising Toolkits

    Our most popular resource, toolkits are a great way to make sure all your bases are covered. Many of our toolkits include checklists so you can take a holistic look at your strategy to identify gaps or weak points that are getting in the way of you hitting your goals. Most often, our toolkits are relevant resources aimed at attacking the issues that are most relevant to nonprofits, from corporate giving to making sure your fundraisers are getting the most out of their working hours.

    But a checklist isn't the only thing you'll get from our toolkits. We also provide examples of the steps you can take to improve your own craft as well as how that fits into your larger organizational goals.

    Fundraising Playbooks

    On the surface, playbooks might look similar to toolkits. But dig a little deeper and you'll find that our playbooks are a bit more granular in how we go about solving some of fundraising's biggest challenges. For example, our Mid-Level Giving Playbook provides specific action items that lead to professional development. Our playbooks are written with input from our Customer Success team who work every day to help empower nonprofits and have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the industry. A team of former fundraisers themselves, these are the plays that they advise Gravyty partners to use as well.


    Our webinars are 30-minute, digestible looks at how to apply artificial intelligence to fundraising. These sessions are deeply focused on how real nonprofits are seeing incredible results and the strategy involved to get there. Some of our guests have included UMass Amherst, Navigators, and San Diego State University.

    However, sometimes we are joined by industry experts that bring a unique perspective to fundraising that is sure to provide techniques that their own experiences have provided. We have been joined by Doug Cogswell of Pursuant-Advizor, our friends from iWave, and Washburn McGoldrick several times to bring some different voices into the spotlight.

    Master Classes

    The knowledge that our team of former fundraisers has oftentimes cannot be captured in just one 30-minute webinar. Our Master Class sessions tap into the industry expertise that we think should be shared through the entire social good sector. Take for example our 90 Days To Fiscal Year Close Master Class led by Gravyty VP of Customer Success, Lisa Alvezi. She guides you through the complete roadmap to master the end of your fiscal year with help from her colleagues, and fellow former fundraising executives, Kenna Wood and Kathryn McCarron. 

    Of course, the best resource we have to offer is our fundraising enablement suite of tools, powered by AI. See a Gravyty demo today and learn more about how AI can transform what is possible in philanthropy:

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