By Drew Fox Jordan • October 5, 2020

    How UPMC Pinnacle Is Revolutionizing Grateful Patient Fundraising

    For UPMC Pinnacle, logistics and timing are critical to their success as an organization. The fundraising team makes no exception for Grateful Patient outreach. The timing of their outreach is essential - contact a patient too soon, and it comes off as opportunistic. Reach out too late, and the chances of that patient becoming a donor decrease dramatically.

    Leadership wanted a way to create efficiencies around assigning new prospects to fundraisers and trigger personalized outreach in an appropriate window of time. To achieve this, they turned to Gravyty’s suite of fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI. The tools prompt gift officers to reach out at the most appropriate time. And, because Gravyty has scanned the CRM already, it prepares a short bio of each individual within that prompt.

    Automating this system is saving time for fundraisers on the back end, allowing them more time to consistently talk to the right prospects at the right time and inspire more giving.


    Our new white paper “Transforming Grateful Patient Fundraising with Artificial Intelligence” shows you the revolutionary way UPMC Pinnacle is creating efficiencies for its Grateful Patient Program.

    Gravyty Grateful Patient White Paper - UPMC Pinnacle COVER


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