By Kevin Leahy • February 14, 2019

    University at Buffalo's Rod Grabowski Envisions the Future of Fundraising Through Artificial Intelligence on Stage

    University at Buffalo Vice President of University Advancement, Rod Grabowski spoke on stage with Gravyty Co-founder and CEO, Adam Martel to give his vision for what the future of fundraising can look like, when backed by artificial intelligence. The session was presented to a full house at CASE District VIII in Vancouver, British Colombia.

    AAAC Members Present Future of Fundraising with Artificial Intelligence

    Rod and Adam, both members of the AI in Advancement Advisory Council (AAAC), spoke extensively about "The Why" of artificial intelligence in Advancement, outlining how the technology expands the fundraising workforce, allows individual fundraisers to spend more time building relationships, and extends a culture of philanthropy across an organization.

    Specifically, Rod spoke about how flat budgets, increased demand for philanthropy, a shortage of quality Advancement officers, growing alumni populations, and expectations of donors have created an environment where the need to work smarter has caught up with Advancement's ability to work harder – creating a tipping point that AI is well-suited to address.

     Why The AAAC?

    Rod spoke first-hand about how artificial intelligence augments his Advancement officer's ability to do significantly more outreach in the same amount of time. This is because those gift officers aren't constantly scouring lists – artificial intelligence summarizes information for them in actionable ways. He also spoke about how artificial intelligence removes the layer of needing to be a part-time analytics guru or computer expert to find success. In fact, within one year of implementing artificial intelligence within University at Buffalo's workflow, Rod explained that visits are up 70% year-over-year, and overall philanthropy is up 32% year-over-year.

    Through The Eyes Of The AAAC

    To learn more about how AI and Gravyty are significantly moving the needle for fundraisers, visit our resources page. And, while you're there, be sure to view our latest case study with The University of Delaware.

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