By Drew Fox Jordan • February 8, 2022

    Turning Cold Portfolios into Top Producers. Is It Possible?

    Turning Cold Portfolios into Top Producers. Is It Possible?Growth. It's what's on every fundraising leader's mind. We're already pretty good at securing the gifts we already have asked for, but how do we fill major gift pipelines with proposals?

    Filling a portfolio with proposals can take two or more years of relationship building -- especially if the gift officer inherits a cold portfolio. And, if a new fundraiser is joining the team, it will be a couple of years before the organization sees a return from that portfolio.

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    Taylor Buxbaum found himself in this exact situation: 90 prospects with a giving history and relatively well connected with the organization. However, no one had contacted many of these prospects in a long time, and their giving history was no longer relevant.

    Because he was new to the role, he had no relationship with anyone in the portfolio - even the donors that still engaged in giving. Despite having fundraising experience, this was his first time actively raising major gifts. Therefore, he needed to learn on the fly how to approach those donors to have meaningful conversations and create those relationships.

    After six months of working off a spreadsheet, Taylor furiously produced 100 "high value" actions, like a phone call or a meeting. But after those six months, Taylor was introduced to Gravyty's fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI. The following six months saw a massive uptick in fundraiser activity - Taylor more than tripled his activity to over 300 high-value actions with his portfolio. 

    Taylor Buxbaum and Lisa Alvezi speaking at CASE IV

    Taylor will be presenting what he learned at CASE IV's annual district conference in a session titled "Lessons Learned While Converting Cold Portfolios into Top-Producing Portfolios" alongside Gravyty VP of Customer Success Lisa Alvezi. Together, they will cover how he used personal donor engagement to turn a cold portfolio into a high-producing portfolio while completing discovery work on 800+ more donors by learning new tools that increased his capacity as a giving officer.

    If you aren't heading to CASE IV this year, you can read about Taylor's story in Forbes, titled "The Future Of Work Now: Nonprofit Fundraising With Gravyty." Read the full article for free today.

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