By Drew Fox Jordan • January 27, 2022

    Turn Your Alumni Engagement Into Giving

    Turn Your Alumni Engagement Into Giving

    Every school has supporters. Parents to young alumni, legacy families to annual donors, and more. But how do we turn these affinities into relationships with our schools and use those relationships to grow and drive giving?

    Gravyty was recently joined by Chris Webb, Director of Institutional Advancement at Avon Old Farms, for an inside look at how his team was able to do just that. Webb identified that his donors needed personalized touchpoints to be inspired to give. However, because the team was too small to reach every donor personally, this became a challenge for the advancement office.

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    One of the concepts that Webb looked to introduce to his team was to create a donor journey from the admissions process through graduation and even into planned giving. He elaborated on why he thought this approach was necessary to overcoming staffing issues:

    "And I knew that as we went through this transition, especially with this transfer of relationships and institutional knowledge, we were going to have to really focus on the education of our constituency. We have a really passionate alumni base...but really hadn't been ultimately engaged with supporting the school to the extent that is possible. And so what we're trying to do is build this culture of philanthropy here."

    Chris' team inspired over $600K in increased giving by focusing on stewardship. In fact, 58% of donors increased their gifts after receiving personalized outreach. So despite operating with a smaller team, fundraisers were still able to inspire donors and ultimately plant the seeds for continued giving for years to come.

    You can learn directly from Chris by downloading our free on-demand webinar to hear more about their approach to donor segmentation and what scaling this process looked like. Get your recording today:

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