By Drew Fox Jordan • March 14, 2022

    Train Your Newly Hired Fundraisers For Success From Day One

    Train Your Newly Hired Fundraisers For Success From Day One

    For fundraising leadership, onboarding new fundraisers can be a perplexing task. On one hand, you know that the average fundraiser takes 18-24 months to fully ramp. On the other hand, you’re likely hiring them now because you need them to perform ASAP. Leadership at SAFE knew that growing the team was vital to increasing fundraising revenue but didn’t want to wait to see the return.

    Gravyty was recently joined by Monica Martinez for an inside look at how the team is leveraging AI to train new fundraisers and the results it yielded. Martinez came from a background in managing programs for SAFE. However as the organization pivoted through COVID, a merger, and staffing changes, her role transitioned to using her outreach skills towards fundraising.

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    Martinez was hesitant to jump into fundraising at first. She considered it to be a complex discipline that required skills and training that only years of experience could provide. Despite her fears, Martinez was able to get to work right away reaching out to donors. In her own words:

    "We did our training, I was like 'this is exactly what I need' because I didn't really know where to start. This was my first introduction into fundraising and Gravyty really helped me know who to reach out and actually sent me messages on who to reach out and if I wasn't able to that day, it would suggest it again the next day."

    In the first 5 months of using Gravyty, the SAFE team was able to secure over $300,000 in new & increased giving from 200+ donors. Monica personally secured $170,000+ from Gravyty prompted outreach during that time with no prior fundraising experience.

    You can learn directly from Monica by downloading our free on-demand webinar to hear more about their approach to fundraiser onboarding and how to produce amazing philanthropic outcomes in record time. Get your recording today:

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