By Kevin Leahy • May 14, 2020

    The Gravyty Guarantee

    Gravyty Announces Next Evolution in Fundraising with Version 3-1Gravyty recently introduced a first-of-its-kind assurance for artificial intelligence (AI) into the market, the Gravyty Guarantee. Completely based on ROI, the Gravyty Guarantee is simple -- if your organization doesn’t raise double the value of its Gravyty contract in a year, the second year is free.

    Put simply, we guarantee two dollars earned for every dollar spent.

    We knew our guarantee was unique, and some additional research showed us just how rare it is for a leading software company to offer a guarantee. A study of the SaaS 250 found that only 6% openly offer a guarantee -- and not all of those are based on ROI.

    So why does Gravyty offer a guarantee, especially during these trying times?
    Since day one of Gravyty, it’s been our intention to spread artificial intelligence throughout the nonprofit sector to transform philanthropy. That means AI to fund the next cure, unlock opportunities for aspiring students, empower the most vulnerable, and more. Gravyty’s guarantee exists to de-risk the AI journey for the organizations working to change our world for the better.

    It’s always been Gravyty’s belief that if fundraisers are able to develop relationships with more donors, they will raise more money. Through the use of AI, we have proven this concept time and time again. This credibility means that we are able to guarantee revenue results. Our solutions empower your fundraisers to double your organization’s annual contract value with Gravyty in the first year, or the second year is free.

    Today’s COVID-19 World
    In an age of budget cuts and hiring freezes, AI is the most cost-efficient way to scale the reach of fundraisers by 2-3x.

    In fact, as organizations navigate the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis, IDC reports that “AI is a technology that can play a significant role in helping businesses and societies deal with and solve large scale disruption caused by quarantines and lockdowns."

    How Are We So Confident?
    Every organization is searching for untapped revenue sources. In today’s world, the need is urgent and immediate. Frontline fundraisers believe they can influence donors to make up for emerging revenue gaps. Yet due to capacity, most struggle to manage 100% of their assigned donors, making it extremely difficult to develop meaningful relationships with previously unassigned top prospects who represent a potential revenue stream worth millions of dollars.

    Gravyty’s assistive AI technology works by setting completely new standards for fundraiser capacity. Not only do we empower frontline fundraisers to manage their entire portfolios, but we also accelerate the pace at which they build, maintain, and inspire giving from new relationships of previously unassigned prospects. With Gravyty, one fundraiser does the work of 2-3x -- and we’re talking about personalized outreach, not marketing or direct mail. That is proof that we stand behind.

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