By Kevin Leahy • January 21, 2021

    The Evolution of Fundraising is Now: Gravyty and Washburn & McGoldrick Announce Complete Digital Gift Officer Training

    Fundraising technology leader and top consulting firm collaborate to build skills that move nonprofit organizations forward.

    Gravyty + Washburn McGoldrickAs the social good sector’s first and leading provider of fundraiser enablement solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Gravyty today announced that it has deepened its partnership with Washburn & McGoldrick LLC to train gift officers for an emerging role in the field of advancement, the digital gift officer. Through the Practical Toolkit for Digital Gift Officers Intensive, Gravyty and Washburn & McGoldrick will empower organizations to reimagine how gift officers build relationships and to put strategies into action. 

    According to the AAAC State of AI in Advancement 2020 report, 82% of advancement leadership expects to transition some staff members to the role of a digital gift officer. These digital gift offices will be expected to manage larger donor portfolios, qualify more prospects, make more phone calls, and send more personalized emails – while limiting travel. As a result, training and coaching for advancement teams must undergo a digital transformation to account for these changes.

     In 2020, the AAAC found that 82% of advancement leaders expect to transition some staff to the role of a digital gift officer..      In 2020, the AAAC found that advancement leaders expect a different set of metrics from digital gift officers.

    “Fundraising has always been driven by in-person relationships between donors and fundraisers. The beginning of this decade showed us that not only can digital engagement drive giving but that the practice has a much-needed space alongside traditional in-person relationship building,” said Adam Martel, CEO of Gravyty. “We’re thrilled to deepen our partnership with Karin, Bonnie, and the entire Washburn & McGoldrick team to take the lead and professionally train fundraising teams on how to be successful digital gift officers that inspire giving at scale. This is the perfect combination of transformative technology and best-in-class consulting.”

    Gravyty and Washburn & McGoldrick introduced Intensive: A Practical Toolkit for Digital Gift Officers to specifically address organizations building and refining the digital gift officer role, and those using Gravyty’s AI suite of tools to scale the number of relationships that fundraisers can manage

    This Washburn & McGoldrick Intensive empowers nonprofit organizations to master virtual platforms to personally reach donors, supporters, and alumni — as well as hone major gift strategies. Washburn & McGoldrick’s proven model enables leaders to put new skills into practice, even before the workshops are over because each Intensive responds to the current demands of the marketplace and prepares you to perform today. In this Intensive, you will how to learn how to incorporate virtual outreach into your Toolkit to build relationships with prospects faster and at scale, while maintaining your traditional portfolio. The Practical Toolkit for Digital Gift Officers Intensive covers:

    • Two methods for prioritizing your portfolio – your traditional portfolio and the auxiliary portfolio
    • How to personally reach out to new prospects at scale to get that important first meeting
    • Developing your own language for why your prospective donor should make time to speak with you
    • The three critical topics you must raise in a qualification/discovery conversation
    • Developing a hierarchy of engagement strategies at your organization
    • And much more

    “This partnership with Gravyty and our Intensives are really about transformative change, change that sticks with you and becomes a part of the natural rhythm of your work,” said Karin George, Managing Principal at Washburn & McGoldrick, LLC. “Together, we can apply tactics and strategy to truly transform behavior and make gift officers more effective. You can be very experienced or just beginning your journey as a gift officer. Either way, Intensives matched with Gravyty will help you be a much better gift officer.”

    To learn even more about Gravyty and Washburn & McGoldrick’s Intensive, please watch the short video below. And, of course, to speak with someone directly, please contact us here.

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