By Adam Martel • April 16, 2020

    Why Frontline Fundraisers Will Rebuild Our Communities

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting health and economic crises that we’re all left to navigate through, it’s been inspiring to see how people are gathering together around causes that are important to our society. From our unique perspective, we know that behind each one of these inspirational stories is a frontline fundraiser masterfully connecting generous donors to our society’s most critical and unexpected needs.

    It is time that we honor the frontline fundraisers who take action to connect critical resources to the needs of their community, in effect multiplying the impact of the missions they hold dear.

    Rising Above

    These mission multipliers are known for working in the background to make positive headlines possible. From getting N95 masks to frontline health care workers to colleges and universities engaging deep alumni networks to get students home safely amid campus closures, the amazing work or organizations to feed the vulnerable homeless and elderly populations, and more -- frontline fundraisers are actively working to piece our society back together, one solution at a time.

    It is because of frontline fundraisers that not only are nonprofit organizations able to impact their mission but also use the COVID-19 crisis as a way to grow and enhance it, as well. We can no longer count the times we’ve heard that, because a frontline fundraiser uncovered a new need or piece of donor feedback, organizations are serving their communities in unexpected and surprising ways.

    The work of the frontline fundraiser is often oversimplified and judged on the number of dollars that come in the door for program work. However, it’s important that we also consider, especially during these times, that frontline fundraisers are uncovering unexpected and new needs, creating new ways to give, checking on the health of donors, and adding a multiplier to their missions. These folks deserve a hero’s round of applause on your next all-hands video conference.

    Here at Gravyty, we are often reminded just how important the work of frontline fundraisers truly is. We like to remind ourselves of the words of Kevin McDearis, chief products officer at Blackbaud, who said, “Every one-percent improvement in fundraising effectiveness makes $2.8 billion available for frontline program work.” So our message to frontline fundraisers during these trying times: Thank you. Let us know how we can help because your work means more today than ever before.


    Every one percent improvement in fundraising effectiveness makes $2.8 billion available for frontline program work. Kevin McDearis, Blackbaud

    Let's keep this inspiration going.

    Do you have stories of frontline fundraisers rising above the challenges of COVID-19? Share with us and you could be featured in our next newsletter.


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