By Drew Fox Jordan • October 28, 2021

    Terms To Know: Behavioral Chain Philanthropy & Emotional Intelligence

    Terms To Know: Behavioral Chain Philanthropy & Emotional Intelligence

    Paul Mylott of The Mylott Group recently joined Gravyty for a webinar on emotional intelligence and a concept he calls "Behavioral Chain Philanthropy," or BCP. The conversation revolved around why emotional intelligence is crucial in fundraising and why fundraisers need to possess this skill to perform at the highest level.

    First, we need to define what BCP is. In simple terms, this is how Paul explains it:

    "Think about the broader picture, about having a better sense of where those engagements take place and what they look like. Maybe how far back they might go, even before somebody becomes a donor and ultimately making them more impactful so that you can start predicting pipeline, velocity and increase giving over time."

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    BCP means to make fundraising easier, or at the very least, more predictable. Paul used an example from higher ed to give a closer look at what it means for fundraisers.

    "When a high school student raises their hand and says, I'm interested in you. That's the first action that they've actually taken in their relationship with the institution. Now, of course, they have to go through the process to pre-admissions admissions enrolling, et cetera, those kinds of things to become one of your folks, one of your people. And so that's really where the chain starts is those first and early actions. And it will also help determine what kind of potential donor we have."

    So, what is the role of emotional intelligence in all of this? Donor cultivation does not happen overnight, so identifying the beginning of the donor's journey, for example, that initial hand-raising, enables a fundraiser to connect on a deeper level with the student and family to create a deeper relationship. As a result, donors feel more closely linked to the organization despite fundraiser turnover, shifting priorities, and more.

    You can watch the webinar in its entirety for free and learn all about the role of emotional intelligence in fundraising and how it relates to BCP:

    Terms To Know: Behavioral Chain Philanthropy & Emotional Intelligence

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