By Drew Fox Jordan • October 12, 2021

    Taking Your Day Of Giving To New Levels

    days of giving new level

    While reaching a greater quantity of donors during your Day of Giving is an underlying goal, the earning potential of the interactions lies in the quality of the engagement. In other words, personalization is the secret sauce of your event-based outreach that will help you win the day.

    Of course, that's all easier said than done. At some point, your fundraising team becomes limited by human capacity – there's only so much time in a day to make personal connections with donors. After a while, the quantity may usurp quality for the perceived short-term benefit of achieving metrics and moving the needle for a singular event, but at a higher cost to your pipeline development and broader fundraising goals.

    Finding this balance is where artificial intelligence (AI) can be your difference-maker. As a complement to a human workforce, this technology can help organizations engage the breadth of their portfolios while still maintaining high levels of personal attention at scale. When it comes to orchestrating your Day of Giving event in particular, the benefits are vast. Consider:

    Personal Touch: AI empowers leaders to choose the segments of the donor database that need a personal touch during a Day of Giving event. From there, it's a matter of developing messaging for each of those segments and tooling the AI with prompting frontline fundraisers to reach out to the right person, at the right time, with the right message. Imagine if your fundraisers didn't have to spend any time in the CRM or disparate spreadsheets before they embarked on their enormous task list for a Day of Giving. AI delivers this right to the fundraiser's screen -- along with individual giving history, tailored notes, last gift, and more -- so all you need is one click to power through a large volume of personalized outreach.

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    Re-Tool Your Data: To create personalization at scale, you'll need quality data and the ability to sift through it quickly to drive impact. AI takes that responsibility out of the fundraiser's hands so they can spend time cultivating relationships instead of sifting through spreadsheets. Key donor data is delivered to fundraisers in email drafts, setting the stage for fundraisers to quickly deploy high-touch, high-impact communications to a larger percentage of their total portfolios.

    Long before you started and after you leave, your organization has been and will continue to be a data-collecting machine. That means you have tons of donor data to sift through. Unfortunately, it also means your fundraisers and the teams that support them have a lot of data in which to get lost. 

    AI helps you float above these data lakes and quickly fish and retrieve only the data that will help you be successful with your donors today. For fundraisers, this means they'll have more time to spend cultivating relationships rather than sorting through spreadsheets, screens, and logins. 

    Ease of Use: On your Day of Giving, efficiency is everything. If the minutia of time-consuming and mundane tasks fill your fundraiser's working hours, they are losing valuable time to focus their time and energy on building relationships. With AI at play, efficiencies are at their fingertips: the technology can integrate with their work email, meaning no time wasted onboarding new platforms and training. Instead, this powerful technology further enables the fundraiser to use the tools they already know, giving them time back to realize meaningful outcomes.

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