By Drew Fox Jordan • January 26, 2022

    GRAVYTY Productivity Power Hour Mix #47 - The New Dad Rock

    Today, we're introducing you to Mix #47. The term "Dad Rock" originated during a time period when we could seriously still consider Led Zeppelin classic rock. However, it has officially been 50 years since Led Zeppelin IV came out, meaning that any new fathers during that time are most likely grandparents at this point.

    So as we redefine how we think about "dads", we must also rethink how we classify the music that these new fathers grew up with. Luckily, many millennial fathers grew up with access to Newbury Comics or FYE and were exposed to music that wound up sticking with them even into adulthood.

    This playlist is the ultimate millennial dad playlist. The soon-to-be "classic rock" that will be passed on to their children, only to be met with eye rolls and stories about the good old days.

    We hope this list will motivate you for the next hour to help you do the best work of your life. 

    Spotify 47Full Playlist Includes:

    • Red Eyes - The War On Drugs
    • About Today - The National
    • Impossible Germany - Wilco
    • Harness Your Hopes - B-side - Pavement
    • Better Man - Pearl Jam
    • First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes
    • Real Love Baby - Father John Misty
    • Wake Up - Arcade Fire
    • Float On - Modest Mouse
    • Where Is My Mind? - Pixies
    • No Children - The Mountain Goats
    • Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem
    • Mr. Jones - Counting Crows
    • Losing My Religion - R.E.M.

    Spotify 46

    Did you miss last week's playlist? Don't worry - we've got you covered! Check out last week's Spotify mix: A Night At The Rock Opera. Some artists have too much talent and free time on their hands, so enjoy this list of songs from famed rock operas throughout history.

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