By Drew Fox Jordan • October 20, 2021

    GRAVYTY Productivity Power Hour Mix #33 - I Can't Tap My Foot To This

    Today, we're introducing you to Mix #33. Western music has traditionally relied on the 4/4 time signature for just about every song you can think of. It can be very pleasing to us since humans are programmed to enjoy closure and predictability. Since we can all count to 4, this time signature makes for easy listening, and more importantly, foot tapping.

    However, music cannot be constrained by simply counting to 4. Today's playlist, "I Can't Tap My Foot To This" highlights some of the industry's stand-out songs featuring time signatures that may seem chaotic compared to a traditional song. Some songs pick a single time signature and run with it for the entire song, like Dave Brubeck's Take Five. Unsurprisingly, the entire song is in 5/4 time. Others choose a more unorthodox approach like combining different time signatures like Happiness Is A Warm Gun by The Beatles. 

    Despite being hard to tap along to, these songs will keep you invested for the full hour with expert songwriting and musicianship. We hope this list will motivate you for the next hour to help you do the best work of your life. 

    GRAVYTY Productivity Power Hour Mix #33 - I Can't Tap My Foot To This

    Love it? Hate it? Want to tell us what we should add? Let us know! We are dropping a new playlist every Wednesday and will even let you play guest DJ for the week. Whether your taste is eclectic, acquired, Top 40, classical, electronic, hip-hop, or straight rock – we have room for you.

    We hope that the positive vibes that we put into curating this playlist are contagious and help you meet the moment and inspire supporters, donors, and prospects, alike. LET'S GO!

    Full Playlist Includes:

    • Take Five - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
    • Scatterbrain - Jeff Beck
    • Golden Brown - The Stranglers
    • Happiness Is A Warm Gun - The Beatles
    • Fool For You - The Impressions
    • Living in the Past - Jethro Tull
    • Estimated Prophet - Grateful Dead
    • 15 Step - Radiohead
    • Ethiopia - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • The Ocean - Led Zeppelin
    • Seven - Dave Matthews Band
    • Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
    • Hey Ya! - Outkast
    • Electric Feel - MGMT
    • Tarred & Feathered - Plini

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