By Drew Fox Jordan • September 1, 2020

    On-Demand Webinar: Building a Healthy Giving Pipeline Quickly

    On sheer volume alone, the largest opportunities to grow giving live deeper in the donor pyramid than most organizations want to go — in unassigned, often unrated prospects. What holds them back? Efficiency.

    In order to qualify these prospects, frontline fundraisers and advancement services professionals need to coordinate efforts that yield results. But what if we rethought qualification work around time spent per prospect — could we increase overall giving at scale?


    A well-documented increase in competition for donor dollars is forcing organizations to rethink their prospect research strategy. The traditional way of identifying a new crop of prospects was to screen a large part of the database every three years or so. In the interim, there would be one-by-one research on an individual. When we think about the strategies around reaching more people to qualify and disqualify them quickly, this traditional method lends itself to being slow and can't be scaled.

    Our on-demand webinar discusses the inherent challenges that come with qualification work and suggests a new process that centers on speed — qualifying, disqualifying, and prequalifying prospects as fast as possible. Learn how to rethink qualification and fill your giving pipeline with opportunity.


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