By Drew Fox Jordan • September 23, 2021

    Sessions We Are Looking Forward To at AHP International Conference

    As the largest gathering of healthcare development professionals, the AHP Annual International Conference is the catalyst for growing your network, connecting with peers, and sharing new experiences. This year's session lineup is already shaping up to be one filled with compelling stories and viable solutions.

    Sessions We Are Looking Forward To at AHP International Conference

    There are lots of exciting sessions we are looking forward to, but a couple stood out to us. Here are the sessions we are most looking forward to this year at AHP:

    Fired-Up Grateful Patient Fundraising Strategies: How Data Analytics and Performance Metrics Upped Our Results

    With so many patients and families coming through the doors, identifying those who want to show their gratitude with a gift can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Using a custom model specifically designed to convert patients to donors, the team at UNC Health will explain how they have reduced the size of their haystack.

    Crisis as a Window to Better Stewardship and Cultivation

    As the last year has demonstrated, we cannot predict when a crisis will hit; all we can do is control our response. Hear how the Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center team used segmented crisis communication plans and data-focused decision making to turn lemons into lemonade through their approach to four simultaneous crises that resulted in strengthened donor relationships and increased philanthropic support.

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    From Sandbox to Billionaires-Building a Streamlined Virtual Cultivation Strategy

    In a COVID-19 landscape, where virtual events, Zoom calls, and digital outreach have saturated the market, what’s left for creative opportunities to connect with donors? How do organizations break through the noise to authentically engage donors in a fresh, appealing way?

    Metrics, Momentum, Meaning: Succeeding as a Team in Extraordinary Times

    The COVID-19 pandemic sparked the need for instant innovation in major gifts fundraising, from how fundraisers engage donors to the way leaders manage their teams and meet ambitious fundraising goals while navigating a period of extreme stress and economic crisis. This session will draw on case studies and survey data from leading North American healthcare institutions and is geared toward leaders who manage frontline fundraising staff. The session aims to offer proven tactics for motivating staff when revenue targets seem unattainable, implementing performance metrics that inspire excellence, and building a values-driven culture in a time of profound change. Getting to the root of what’s truly important to fundraisers and the donors who drive our mission, attendees will leave with fresh ideas for coaching teams to meet and exceed their goals in highly challenging circumstances.

    To Get More Gifts, Think Like a Donor

    The single most important thing we can do is think like our donors. This session explores how we can often think like a fundraiser and what we can do to adjust and think more like our donors. We will learn:

    • How a donor and a fundraiser see a donation differently
    • What motivates a donor to give (and why donors who seemed primed to give, often don't)
    • Practical ways we can think more like our donors and gain more gifts-and have happier donors

    We will look at real examples that will show how seemingly good gifts went astray and what could have been done to save them. We will also learn easy, practical techniques that will help us relate better to donors, so they are just as happy with the gift as we are (more frequently). Finally, the tools we learn in the session also apply to our relationships with our supervisors and reports, so even our work relationships will benefit. This session will be fun, entertaining, and interactive (but no one will be called on or embarrassed!).

    Leading from Behind: Leveraging Healthcare Philanthropy to Advance Racial Equity

    Today’s fundraisers, just like clinical colleagues, want collaboration and partnership as opposed to a sole focus on competition. This is a story of what a true partnership between a clinical leader and development officers really looks like where development not only has a seat at the table but the work is lead with a donor-centered approach.

    Let’s Get Together: Merging Resources and Talent to Exponentially Improve Results

    In 2014, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, nationally recognized as a Best Children’s Hospital by U.S. News and World Report, merged our foundation and hospital marketing and communications departments to form Institutional Advancement. Before this merger, the foundation and marketing departments operated independently of each other. In a short period of time, the team was able to significantly increase fundraising while continuing to focus on and highlight hospital priorities. Today, Institutional Advancement is a collaborative team focused on mutual goals of brand awareness, public relations, business development, and fundraising. Hear how our team members aligned to tackle major hospital objectives, overcome obstacles, and truly integrate toward the common goal of achieving results for our special hospital and the children we serve.

    A Predictive Analytics Journey: How NorthShore Turned Their Hopes & Dreams into Reality

    Are you being blasted from a fire hose with too many grateful patient prospects and not enough budget, staff, or resources to contact them all? How do you target the RIGHT prospects who are most likely to donate, upgrade, and make your hospital their top charity? Predictive modeling can be an excellent tool to control the flow—but where do you start?

    This session will showcase how one hospital system took their hopes and dreams of one day raising more money with predictive modeling and turned it into a reality. Learn from annual giving practitioners about how they initially approached predictive modeling, their preparation and implementation process, and how they create internal buy-in to achieve success. Hear how the team applied modeling in their strategy, their initial results, how they leveraged modeling and targeting even further to engage and retain COVID-19 crisis donors, and a few lessons they learned along the way.

    Got Crypto? Embracing the World of Digital Assets in Philanthropy

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the modernization of finance and e-commerce. Digital assets reached stratospheric levels of adoption in 2020 with 1 in 6 Americans now owning cryptocurrencies and digital artifacts. 80% of buyers are earning salaries over $130,000/year. Adoption from institutional investors has fueled market total market growth to over 1T dollars. Digitization of fiat currencies is now well underway and being tested in China and the Bahamas.

    Investors are continually looking to spend their assets, liquidate appreciated assets, create streams of income from them, and navigate evolving tax legislation as world governments struggle to classify and tax income from sales and trades of this emerging asset class. How can healthcare charities prepare to begin receiving digital assets as gifts, identify what and how to accept, and approach the subject with donors? Join us as we discuss this fascinating and rapidly developing field of global finance.

    Helping Volunteers Embrace Innovation in the Face of Uncertainty

    They say the killer of innovation is doing things the way they’ve always been done. For one fundraising auxiliary, doing things the same way as always wasn’t an option in 2020, and they were quickly forced to evolve their strategies. The TWIGs (Terrific Women in Giving) have been fundraising in the same general way for over 50 years. A large, signature auxiliary auction paired with localized special events unique to each chapter is what drove their strategy. Sure, tweaks were made over the years, but the recipe was almost always the same.

    As 2020 began, there was no real plan to deviate from the standard approach. Then COVID-19 hit, and everything changed. The balloon that was their special event-based fundraising model suddenly burst, and their only option was to embrace technology and new strategies. This vulnerability and adaptability led to incredible outcomes. Join us as we show you how to engage and influence volunteers to examine their processes and partner closely with the hospital for more innovative and strategic fundraising, even if they’re not quite ready!

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