By Drew Fox Jordan • November 21, 2019

    Salesforce's Vala Afshar Features Gravyty in HuffPost

    Vala Afshar, Chief Data Evangelist at Salesforce, and friend of Gravyty used his Huffington Post column to write How Nonprofits Can Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Improve Fundraising. We're proud to say the piece prominently featured Gravyty, and our CEO, Adam Martel.

    As Afshar outlines in his column, the promise of AI solutions is to be efficient and effective. These two values are at the core of any successful nonprofit, especially because the greater need is often disproportionate to the number in of fundraisers tasked with making relationships with supporters.

    A couple of key takeaways from the column include:

    AI will not replace fundraisers, but rather making them more successful and engaged - AI-powered fundraising solutions are helping front-line fundraisers acquire 10X more donors. Martel believes that by delivering mass personalization at scale, and more contextual intelligence to donors, the busy work is minimized and donors are free to be more creative and engaged.
    Proactive AI-powered applications will optimize performance and business outcomes - Martel spoke about proactive solutions that recommend the next best action for users with data-informed decisions that are offered to users. Fundraisers need to tools to optimize donor acquisitions and to also build long-lasting meaningful relationships. AI-powered applications can also help organizations tell better stories about their mission and core values.

    View the full article on HuffPost. Or, if you're in San Francisco for Dreamforce, drop by Gravyty Kiosk #4A in the Salesforce.org Lodge and continue the conversation about AI's role in nonprofit fundraising.



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