By Rich Palmer • December 24, 2017

    2017 Retrospective and 2018 Aspirations

    It's been a wild and awesome year at Gravyty, from world-changing  tech breakthroughs to adding amazing talent to our team. We're glad you've been a part of it in some way, and hope you'll join us for the ride ahead that is 2018.

    Below, our colleagues share their highlights from the last twelve months as well as what they're most excited for in the new year. Enjoy, and from our team to yours, have a wonderful holiday season and New Year!

    lindsey.png            Lindsey Athanasiou, Director of Sales and Customer Success, shares: 

    Most thankful for from 2017: 
    Joining Gravyty (duh!) to stretch myself and learn something new functionally (sales & customer success), and still at the end of the day feel that I’m contributing to a greater good by helping nonprofits fundraise better by adopting cutting-edge tech. Once a fundraiser, always a fundraiser : )

    And of course the birth of my first nephew was an amazing high point.

    Most looking forward to in 2018: 
    Kicking off the year by onboarding three awesome new customers who are going to lead the way for AI-enabled nonprofits.

    Two trips to places I’ve never been: Brazil for school and Greece with my family to see where my grandparents grew up. And graduating with my MBA in May (finally)!

    rich.png            Rich Palmer, Cofounder & CTO, reflects:

    Most thankful for from 2017:  
    Honestly, the ability to grow the Gravyty team by three-fold. Having a wonderful group of people collaborate to bring something meaningful to life is such a fantastic feeling.

    From a personal perspective, I am incredibly proud that we were able to file our first patent. It’s just so cool!

    Most looking forward to in 2018:  
    In relation to Gravyty, there has been such a ground swell of understanding about artificial intelligence. I see 2018 as a turning point for greater adoption and the democratization of benefits that AI can offer.

    From a personal perspective, I am looking forward to a few short trips I will be going on with my wife and new puppy. The ability to disconnect briefly always helps me reconnect with greater energy and focus, and maintain a strong balance.

    adam.png            Adam Martel, Cofounder & CEO, says:

    Most thankful for from 2017:  
    I’m most thankful to have had the opportunity to grow our community of Gravyty employees and customers. Building a company is definitely a team sport and I’ve been humbled by the amount of support that we’ve received from our communities.

    Most looking forward to in 2018:  
    We’re just at the tip of the AI iceberg. I’m really looking forward to seeing the continued success that our customers are having and working with them to find ways to expand, develop and apply our AI technology to solve more of the problems that they face!

    jonathan.png            Jonathan Michaels, Director of Software Development, expresses:

    Most thankful for from 2017:  
    The success Gravyty has had over 2017. It’s been a great experience building new AI-enabled tools for our customers to use, and then working with them to help enable their use of new AI technology.

    Most looking forward to in 2018:  
    Taking a trip with my extended family to Israel - I love exploring and about areas with a lot of history, and Israel certainly meets that criteria. Also, I always appreciate spending more time with family.

    Of course, I’m also looking forward to being a part of Gravyty’s continued growth not just on the technical side, but also with the non-profits we work with. I’ve ramped up my involvement with our customers in the second half of the year, and hope to continue learning more great insights from our users. I always find that to be a very important part of building a great product.

    matt.png            Matt Pierce, Senior Software Engineer, reveals:

    Most thankful for from 2017:  
    Joining the innovative and exciting startup atmosphere of Gravyty, and being given the opportunity to learn new skills along with it was a very important step for me in 2017.

    I am also thankful for the many experiences and lasting memories I’ve shared with friends over the past year as I continue to explore the city of Boston.

    Most looking forward to in 2018:  
    Looking forward to enhancing Gravyty’s products, being able to dive deeper into AI technology along the way, continuing my growth as a software engineer, all while making a difference for fundraisers.

    I am also looking forward to developing as a musical artist as I hope to release my first EP this year.

    jona.png            Jona Ferreira, Software Engineering Apprentice, remarks:

    Most thankful for from 2017:  
    Very thankful and grateful for joining the Gravyty team, and for letting me be a part of this journey. It’s honestly a blessing to be able to work on an amazing product and being able to learn a great deal at the same time.

    I faced new challenges this year that made me a better person going into 2018. Ready to apply everything I learned and most importantly keep growing as an individual.

    Most looking forward to in 2018:  
    This year I’m releasing projects, singles, and videos that I’ve been working really hard on, and I’m really excited for people to finally listen and see.

    Looking forward to the new stamps I’m adding to my passport-- Cuba and Columbia!. Traveling to some really cool places. I don’t really travel much so I’m extremely excited for that.

    nima.png            Nima Abbasi, Director of Data Science, tells us:

    Most thankful for from 2017:  
    Joining Gravyty as a Data Scientist was one of the best thing that happened this past year. This gave me the opportunity to learn more and improve my skills on a daily basis and use these skills and knowledge for building a powerful product for enabling fundraisers to raise more donations.

    Visiting my family and the memories that I have shared with my girlfriend and friends throughout this year was something that I’m grateful about.

    Most looking forward to in 2018:  
    Incredibly excited to dive into building a dynamic AI platform using some cool technologies, for improving our performance in our models, and also building new models to make our product better and better.

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