By Drew Fox Jordan • June 3, 2021

    Rethink Your Giving Strategies With an Emphasis on Social Good

    Through challenging times over the past year we also witnessed powerful examples of resiliency, compassion, and giving. Charitable giving surged in 2020, as did donor acquisitions, thanks in large part to pandemic-related contributions. 

    giving with social good

    While predictions point toward giving trends returning to pre-COVID rates as vaccinations rise and concern subsides, complicated issues beyond the pandemic remain ever-present. From a turbulent year arose movements for racial equality and social justice, among others. These are issues for which there are no simple solutions. Yet, they remain important topics that philanthropic organizations must push to the forefront of public awareness in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

    With a return to “normal” comes an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to rethink their strategies and shift their giving models. Settling back into old operational patterns and stewardship tactics is not the answer. Not if your organization intends to move the needle and impact positive social change.

    As you continue to explore necessary changes to ensure your organization and fundraising team are built for success post-COVID, here are a few tips to consider:

    Embrace A Tiny Mindset

    We learned a great deal from “tiny philanthropy” over the past year. These community-led approaches provide a scrappy, authentic means of giving back and could in fact be the secret to philanthropy in the future. As you reflect on your own organizational strategies, think of “tiny” as an opportunity to think differently. Explore opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations that share your passion for social good to help drive real change.

    Mine Your Data

    With more donors giving in 2020, nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to dive deeper into their data to learn more about these new contributors in the hopes of encouraging future gifts. While this is great news in a number of ways, it can also create added challenges for nonprofits who ideally want their gift officers focusing their time on cultivating relationships rather than buried in data. Consider whether you have the right strategies and technology in place to help you make the most of this influx of information to ensure your team can spend its time doing what it does best.

    Make It Personal

    Issues pertaining to social good are meaningful to people. When it comes to your donors, taking the time to correspond with them on a personal level makes a world of difference and can help cultivating continued donations. The challenge is finding ways to help your team achieve donor engagement at scale. Implementing tools that leverage artificial intelligence can help your team better manage their portfolios while impacting donors on a personal level.

    Looking for a deeper dive? Check out our free on-demand webinar "Fundraising In A Post-Pandemic World" which addresses the new challenge of rising above yesterday's normal and set new standards as we fundraise for the organizations we know and love.

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