By Drew Fox Jordan • August 6, 2020

    FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Portfolio Segmentation

    When talking about segmenting portfolios and in strategic ways, it almost goes without saying that one size does not fit all. But it's an important lesson that we have to remind ourselves of over and over again.

    In this on-demand webinar, Gravyty’s Kenna Wood, Customer Success Strategist, shows you how to strategically segment portfolios in ways that lead directly to action for frontline fundraisers. This 15-minute session is specifically designed to help you learn and put tactics into action, right ways. Come see how strategy and technology combine to revolutionize efficiency for an age-old process.

    Every organization must ask themselves these questions before understanding how to segment your donor database in ways that yield activity and results for frontline fundraisers. What are your fundraising priorities? What resources do you have available, specifically around staffing? How can we prioritize your donors in ways that make a difference for frontline fundraisers to ensure they are getting successful outcomes so your organization can thrive and your community can be served by your organization?

    Check out our free webinar for a digestible 15-minute look into strategic tactics that you can take to your organization to improve, fine-tune, and even turn around existing fundraising programs.

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