By Drew Fox Jordan • September 8, 2020

    Optimize Your Grateful Patient Program With Artificial Intelligence

    Grateful Patient programs are excellent tools for discovering new donors and supporters for health care organizations. With a fresh memory of care received, these prospective donors have a built-in affinity for their health care providers. However, personally appealing to this continually growing pool of potential grateful patients, and doing it in a limited timeframe, makes fundraiser outreach a challenge.

    This challenge can be described in a single word: capacity. Any fundraiser will tell you that there’s a limit to the number of donors they can build relationships with and personally manage. How does a fundraiser know whom to prioritize outreach to or what message they should convey if (at this point in the process) potential grateful patients are simply names on a long list?

    How Does AI Turn Potential Supporters From a “Name on a List” to Grateful Patients?

    A finely tuned grateful patient program is critical to hospital and health care organizations at a time where elective surgeries are being canceled or postponed, and revenue is down. But a recent Gravyty poll showed that 65% of respondents identified that having an undefined system to manage touchpoints is their primary challenge in their programs. The window and fundraiser’s capacity are limited to engage and inspire giving from grateful patients successfully. 

    By establishing a system of daily screenings, combined with artificial intelligence — organizations aren’t just fine-tuning grateful patient programs, they’re growing them at incredible scale. Our on-demand webinar “Optimize Your Grateful Patient Program With Daily Screenings and Artificial Intelligence” shows you how you can supercharge giving from your grateful patient program with the right mix of technology. 

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