By Drew Fox Jordan • March 3, 2020

    NEW VIDEO: “Can Your Foundation Use More (Artificial) Intelligence?”

    Jeff Kinard, Board Chair of the The College of Charleston Foundation, and Chris Tobin, EVP of Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of the Foundation, recently presented with Gravyty CEO Adam Martel at AGB Foundation Leadership Forum 2020 in a session titled “Can Your Foundation Use More (Artificial) Intelligence?”

    The session outlined why Kinard invested in artificial intelligence (AI) as a critical component of CofC's growth and success within its interdependent model of advancement. It also dove into the efficiency results that Tobin has produced with AI in his arsenal and how those efficiencies have converted into dollars and improved the craft of his fundraisers.

    The next evolution in fundraising is here and AI-enabled fundraisers are achieving the goals their Boards are setting: getting more asks, closing more gifts, and raising more money.

    If you couldn’t make it to this amazing session, make sure to check out some of the highlights from their talk below.

    Gravyty -  AGB 2020 Video




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