By Rich Palmer • March 1, 2019

    New Feature Friday

    Gravyty is constantly listening to our users and using their feedback to find even more ways to make their lives easier.  We understand that most fundraisers have developed their own preferred methods for following up with donors and prospects, which can vary from person to person. To tailor our features even closer to user preferences, we revamped Gravyty’s follow-up workflow.

    With Gravyty’s enhanced follow-up feature, frontline fundraisers are now able to select custom follow-up dates, set preferred methods of communication, add notes, and more. Gravyty’s newly improved follow-up workflow ensures follow-ups remain proactive, strategic, scheduled, timely, and informed. 

    Take a tour of Gravyty's enhanced follow-up workflow in the video below:


    Feature Friday - Gravyty - Enhanced Follow Up Feature


    More of the latest & greatest Gravyty product developments:

    • First Draft will now send an Out Of Donors email to let customers know when they have cycled through their entire portfolio.
    • Gravyty now has improved photo matching for donors. Our software checks social media accounts for another layer of accuracy to improve the gift officer experience.
    • First Draft now provides the phone number type so fundraisers know if they are contacting a donor at home or at work.
    • Gravyty Stewardship emails are smarter. If a gift officer has recently interacted with the donor, the stewardship language will change to reflect that relationship or conversation.
    • If an organization prefers to use its own FTP for data updates, Gravyty now happily accommodates the request.
    • Many donors tell an organization how they prefer to be contacted. Gravyty now monitors Do Not Call and Do Not Email data so fundraisers always have that information top of mind via First Draft, when selecting how to reach out to a potential donor.

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