By Rich Palmer • January 18, 2019

    New Feature Friday

    At Gravyty, we put a lot of thought, data, and effort in ensuring our First Drafts accurately reflect language that puts frontline fundraisers in the best position to build relationships with potential donors. The art and science of this process is always evolving and getting better for our users. This week, we have some new improvements that further ensure the language our AI crafts is both in the fundraiser’s voice and also personalized to the specific donor.

    Machine Learning Understanding Relationships
    Users will see First Drafts become smarter around the language they recommend to fundraisers - more quickly than ever before. For example, First Drafts will be better at considering if the donor has a current relationship with a fundraiser or if this particular potential donor is a new relationship that has yet to be developed.

    Differentiated Messaging for Donor Type
    Improvements also help First Drafts differentiate messaging for supporters, board members, alumni, parents, and more. Similarly, this logic extends to LYBUNT versus SYBUNT donors, and major gift versus annual fund donors.

    Continuous Improvement
    As a whole, these enhancements are representative of Gravyty’s continuous commitment to improving and honing our AI so that we expand the ability for frontline fundraisers to focus more of their time doing what matters – building relationships at scale and in ways that are impactful for their organization’s mission.

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