By Rich Palmer • January 4, 2019

    New Feature Friday

    With the start of the New Year, gift officers are eager to set their travel plans and secure donor visits, so Gravyty improved the user experience for Gravyty Go!

    The same AI that produces the lead scoring for First Draft is now available for Gravyty Go! When we present potential donors for a fundraiser’s next trip, Gravyty now includes the lead scoring information. This will help gift officers make strategic decisions about anchor visits while enhancing their travel planning experience.

    To facilitate outreach to secure visits, Gravyty also added a request First Draft email for each donor. Gift officers will have a pre-written, yet customizable, meeting request email at the click of a button. Never before has it been so easy to build a robust travel itinerary to see your most promising prospects.

    We have also increased our functionality to include open-ended travel dates. Now Gravyty Go! can present the best donors regardless of when a fundraiser’s trip will conclude. Rather than limiting a fundraiser’s availability, donors are able to select from a wider range of availability, increasing the likelihood of securing a visit.

    Gravyty Go! can also recognize back-to-back and related trips. If a fundraiser asks a donor for a meeting in Los Angeles on February 14th and another donor for a meeting on February 16th, it will know these trips are related. This enhancement reduces the number of Gravyty Go! emails to the same location.

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