By Rich Palmer • December 21, 2018

    New Feature Friday

    Continuous improvement is something we obsess about here at Gravyty, so as we close out the year, we’re proud to announce another batch of new features so gift officers can increase the number of relationships they build and manage.

    This week’s Feature Friday is highlighted by a Yelp integration that we think you’ll love.

    Yep, we got Yelp.
    Yelp_trademark_RGBGravyty recently released a Yelp integration for Gravyty Go!. With this new integration, whenever Gravyty suggests that a fundraiser set a meeting with a donor, we can now also recommend the best restaurant or coffee shop for that meeting. What’s more is that we can also provide suggestions that are appropriate given the algorithmic ask amount. Be on the lookout for Yelp recommendations in Gravyty Go! – the feature is being pushed systematically to all customers.

    Enriched First Drafts.
    Gravyty released two new First Draft features to help gift officers act faster and with an even greater degree of personalization.

    • Gravyty can now incorporate affinity data from our customers’ CRM in the lead scoring section of First Draft. This means gift officers will have information – such as loyalty to a sports program or a particular campaign – at their fingertips to personalize and incorporate into outreach, as appropriate.
    • Gravyty updated its First Draft subject lines so gift officers know where outreach is prompted from. Does it come from their managed portfolio? An auxiliary pool? Wherever it comes from, it’s now indicated in the subject line of a First Draft so gift officers can continue to develop their donors in discovery and cultivation, while keeping their pipelines robust. 

    Send it and forget it.
    Gravyty recently upgraded its returned data feeds so First Draft emails sent to donors are easily imported back into each organization’s CRM. Gift officers can rest assured that they will get credit for their outreach, and the content in the database is accurate for future reference.

    Happy holidays!

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