By gravyty • August 2, 2018

    Meet Kevin Leahy

    Kevin Leahy is Director of Marketing at Gravyty. From developing website content, email campaigns and collateral or managing public relations, media strategy and events, it’s Kevin’s job to grow Gravyty’s footprint across all relevant audiences.

    KevinLeahyHeadshotKevin began his career as a journalist. He’s covered breaking news from helicopters high above the scene, feature stories from the White House lawn, and interesting people from all corners of the world. He then moved into public relations, where he helped companies of all sizes – from newly funded startups to publicly-held enterprise organizations – tell their stories to the world.

    Kevin joined Gravyty because he believes there’s a monumental opportunity for AI to power the next industrial revolution.

    “About a decade ago, we first saw how cloud technology could disrupt the way we do business, and improve it for the better. AI is having a similar moment right now. However, Gravyty’s approach, is to make major improvements to the everyday workflow, without first disrupting business. Both in our products and our approach, we’re creating a business model that clearly defines how AI empowers nonprofits and makes the most of their existing technology investments,” said Kevin.

    Outside of work, Kevin is avid about the outdoors with his wife and daughter.

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