By Kevin Leahy • August 13, 2018

    Meet Jon Burdo

    Jon Burdo is a Machine Learning Engineer at Gravyty. It’s Jon’s job to write software that helps fundraisers choose the right messages to communicate with donors personally and efficiently.

    burdo_jonathon_headshot (1)

    Jon strongly believes that the role of technology in the nonprofit space is to enhance, rather than replace important human interactions. That’s why he’s enthusiastic about Gravyty – he gets to build powerful AI tools that are the catalyst for personal connections.

    Before he joined Gravyty, Jon was a student at Brandeis University, where his love for language and mathematics gave rise to a deep interest in natural language processing, (NLP). Through his extensive studies in linguistics, computer science and computational linguistics, Jon has learned to extract and process information from natural language data with machine learning techniques. During his undergraduate, he also interned at Staples Inc. as a software engineer, where he gained experience developing web services to better utilize data for improving B2B sales.

    In his free time, Jon enjoys biking and inline skating along the Charles River. He also likes learning about new technology and spending time with his girlfriend, Grace.


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