By Adam Martel • July 12, 2017

    Meet Gravyty First Draft

    Today is a special day here at Gravyty as our team introduces the world to Gravyty First Draft, the first artificial intelligence application designed to automatically craft the first draft of personalized, donor-centric emails for frontline fundraisers at nonprofit organizations.  


    When I was working as a major gifts fundraiser, I spent hours every day running reports from our donor database, culling through lists of donors and making guesses about which donors might need my attention the soonest. After spending disproportionate amounts of time every day researching donors and crafting personalized emails,  I often got no response and felt that I wasted my time sending emails when I should have been out inspiring donors and soliciting gifts.  

    Enter Gravyty First Draft, the first true solution to the challenges that all fundraisers face when managing their portfolios. Gravyty First Draft analyzes donor data and automatically writes a proactive 'first draft' of an email on behalf of a frontline fundraiser. These emails are specific to each donor and are optimized to move donors efficiently through each phase of the donor pipeline (discovery, qualification, cultivation, solicitation, stewardship). Gravyty First Draft emails are delivered right to the fundraiser's inbox where they can be edited and sent instantly, right from the fundraiser's computer or mobile device.

    Gravyty First Draft self-writing emails are unique in three ways: 

    1. Unlike Google's Smart Reply email responses, "Gravyty First Draft" proactively crafts complete and personalized donor emails on behalf of a frontline fundraiser at the most optimal times throughout the year.  
    2. By leveraging machine learning, Gravyty First Draft instantly learns from each edit that the fundraiser makes to the emails. Gravyty First Draft then uses these edits to refine emails over time so they more closely align with the way that the fundraiser writes. The most simple example of this is when a fundraiser prefers to use "Hi" instead of "Dear" to address an email. Gravyty First Draft will learn that fundraiser's preference and eventually train itself to mimic the fundraiser's writing style. This type of learning extends to writing preferences like length of emails, sentiment (positive vs negative), motivation (hope vs fear), questions vs declarations and more. We believe this type of learning will have a profound impact on our ability to curate messages specifically for each individual frontline fundraiser.
    3. Gravty First Draft can be used on any email service (Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, etc. ) and doesn't require an API connection or any setup. There is also no need to log in to your CRM to use Gravyty First Draft. It just works. Magical!  


    We believe that you shouldn't have to learn your software, your software should learn you. Gravyty First Draft redefines the expectation of what a CRM can be - and do - for users, and our team is proud to bring self-writing emails to the nonprofit industry.

    Read the full Gravyty First Draft release here!

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