By Tiffany Liu • April 20, 2017

    Meet Evan Lyle

    Introducing a new addition to our team!

    My name is Evan Lyle and I’m from Wellesley, MA. I’m currently a senior at the University of Rochester where I study both Mathematics and Statistics, but my professional background is primarily in Data Science and Data Analytics. I’ve interned at Deep Information Sciences in Boston and, most recently, Pegasystems in Cambridge–where I learned multiple analytical techniques as well as javascript and html. Next year, I will at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Science. At Carnegie, I hope to push myself academically while learning the skills necessary to become a thought leader in the Data Science field.

    As an intern at Gravyty, I hope to learn more about coding, predictive analytics, and data visualization. I want to learn the practical applications for all of the abstract parts I’ve learned in school. Nonprofits tend to have more detailed data about their donors than for-profit companies. For this reason, I’m looking forward to picking up many useful skills from this industry.




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