By Drew Fox Jordan • July 30, 2019

    Meet Drew Fox Jordan, Gravyty BDR

    Every awards show, from the NFL or NBA to the Oscars or Grammys, include speeches with a clear message: “I couldn’t have done it without the help of…”.

    Drew Fox JordanGravyty is a company focused on winning, but we also know that success isn’t possible without a strong supporting team. We are looking for Business Development Representatives (BDRs) that are hungry to be part of a winning team and create opportunities for themselves and others.

    So what makes for a successful BDR at Gravyty? We went straight to the source and asked BDR, Drew Fox Jordan, about his role at Gravyty and what makes him successful.

    Q: What does your day to day look like at Gravyty?

    A: Every morning we have a sales team meeting going over the status of current deals and strategy moving forward which tells me what the Account Executives need in order to get leads and close deals. From there I work on client prospecting, researching the companies and people we are reaching out to, and outreach to these potential customers.

    Q: What do you like most about working at Gravyty?

    A: For me, it’s a tie between two things. The people here are amazing and have a great office culture which makes coming to work fun. But more than that we all have the same goal in mind: winning. I love being in an office where every day I’m being challenged to solve problems and achieve tangible results, and that isn’t something you find at every company. The work I do makes a difference and it shows.

    Q: Is this just another entry-level sales role that won’t lead anywhere?

    A: Absolutely not. Our worst fear at Gravyty is getting complacent with where we are. We want to develop who we are as a company and as the people who make it happen. Everyone at the company is an essential employee that makes a difference and has to contribute so we reach our goals.

    Q: What is your background and how did you land this role?

    A: I majored in English Communications and Media Studies at Emmanuel College and worked as a New Product Integration Coordinator at a multinational semiconductor company before coming to Gravyty. I was able to use what I learned both in college and from a large company to solve the problems we face every day at a start-up. I was also an NCAA athlete and have always been motivated by success and winning and Gravyty allows me to use my skills to further the goals of the company.

    So what about you? Do you think you can be Gravyty’s next highly-contributing team member?

    We are actively hiring for BDR roles across all of our verticals – Higher Education, Nonprofit Organizations, Hospitals, and more. Have a look at our careers page and tell us why you belong at the first company focuses solely on bringing AI to the social good industry.



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