By Kevin Leahy • December 30, 2020

    [LIVE WEBINAR] AI for Fundraising with Gleaners Food Bank

    So you're directly in the heart of the busiest time of the year. You are actively enacting on your mission to your community, likely at a volume you've never seen before. Congratulations! The spotlight is on you, giving is up, but have you had a second to consider what's next? 

    Join Gleaners Food Bank and Gravyty on January 26th, as Debbie Russell, Gleaners' Director of Donor Engagement, shows you how her team is managing the mountain of work to forward their mission in 2021 with the help of artificial intelligence.

    We'll cover everything from how you handled the busiest time of the year to personally thanking each and every donor, and how to determine if they want to be part of your mission and a long-term donor. 

    AI for Fundraising with Gleaners Food Bank

    Come learn how AI transforms the way fundraising works and redefines efficiency.


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