By Kevin Leahy • August 16, 2018

    Introducing Gravyty Stewardship, The First-Ever AI Solution for Giving Thanks and Cultivating Donors

    BOSTON, MA – AUGUST 16, 2018 Gravyty, the industry’s leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software, today announced the launch of Gravyty Stewardship. Gravyty Stewardship is the social good industry’s first AI product developed to help frontline fundraisers thank donors today, and cultivate them for future giving. The solution is now available through Gravyty’s complete suite of AI-enabled products.

    “As a team of former frontline fundraisers, we know that thanking donors is one of the most important aspects of building deep and lasting relationships with organizations,” said Adam Martel, co-founder and CEO, Gravyty. “Fundraisers spend inordinate amounts of time cultivating and soliciting gifts, but hectic schedules don’t leave time to thank top and mid-level donors in meaningful and personalized ways. Gravyty Stewardship automates the personalized stewardship process, so fundraisers can build and nurture meaningful relationships with their organization’s top donors.”

    Gravyty Stewardship is CRM agnostic. The solution recognizes when a gift is processed, triggering a personalized ‘Thank You’ email draft to the frontline fundraiser who secured the gift. Like Gravyty First Draft ‘Top Donor’ emails, Gravyty Stewardship uses Natural Language Generation technology to learn the writing style of frontline fundraisers and predict next steps, seamlessly within the fundraiser’s email. Gravyty Stewardship further enables personalized gratitude through core features including the following:

    • Giving Trends – Gravyty Stewardship helps frontline fundraisers build relationships by proactively communicating a donor’s giving history and other relevant information.
    • Anomaly Detection – Gravyty Stewardship automatically compares a donor’s current gift to prior gifts made, then suggests messaging based on the percent change and other giving factors or variables.
    • Giving Societies – Gravyty Stewardship aligns with an organization’s giving societies and notifies fundraisers to alert the donors about increased giving opportunities to move into the next giving society.

    “Gravyty’s stewardship tool provides insights to our fundraising team for effective additional touch points with our donors,” said Tim Armour, President and CEO, Cure Alzheimer's Fund. “In the two years since we implemented the tool we have experienced productivity increases that would not have happened without Gravyty.”

    Gravyty Stewardship further rounds out Gravyty’s suite of tools for AI-enabled fundraisers, which also includes First Draft, Gravyty Guide and Gravyty Go!. Each of Gravyty’s products uses AI and machine learning to optimize the chance of fundraising success by personalizing and automating contact with donors. With Gravyty, fundraisers are able to engage in higher quality outreach to more of their organization’s top donors, scaling the volume of relationships managed and the potential for increased giving.

    "The simple act of saying 'Thank you' is powerful," said Karin L. George, Principal and Co-owner, Washburn & McGoldrick, LLC. “And, expressing thanks is often lost in the shuffle of the busy lives of goal-driven gift officers. By automating the stewardship process, Gravyty is helping fundraisers express their thanks and strengthen the emotional connections that donor and volunteers first had with a nonprofit when they said yes to giving or supporting its cause.”

    To learn Gravyty’s solutions visit: www.gravyty.com.

    About Gravyty

    Gravyty is the nonprofit industry’s leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gravyty automates the most time-consuming processes for frontline fundraisers. Gravyty’s products empower fundraisers to build lasting donor relationships and raise more revenue for their missions in ways never before possible. Led by former fundraiser Adam Martel and AI technologist Rich Palmer, Gravyty was founded at Babson College and is driven by their motto, "You shouldn't have to learn your software; your software should learn you."

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