By Kevin Leahy • May 16, 2019

    Introducing Gravyty Live

    Gravyty is proud to introduce Gravyty Live to our AI-enabled suite of tools. Gravyty Live is the first expert one-on-one guidance for frontline fundraisers, supported and trained by our expert fundraising professionals who ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) and fundraiser enablement tools directly support the fundraising strategy set by an organization's leadership.

    Gravyty LiveGravyty Live is part of Gravyty 2.0, the most extensive evolution of our AI fundraiser enablement tools, to date.

    “As the first AI company in advancement, Gravyty has definitively proven that with artificial intelligence, advancement organizations can expand their workforces and grow in ways never before possible,” said Adam Martel, co-founder and CEO, Gravyty. “With Gravyty 2.0, we’re enhancing each of our fundraiser enablement products to further accelerate an organization's ability to build relationships inspire donors. Gravyty Live reflects our deep and passionate commitment to the uniqueness of our customers and provides fundraisers one-to-one strategic fundraising support to ensure their efforts are aligned with the organization’s overall fundraising strategy. This is a level of service typically only seen in the for-profit space and we’re proud to be the first technology company to bring this combination of technology and strategic service to the sector of Social Good.”

    Gravyty Live is a breakthrough product that aligns AI technology with fundraising strategy. Made up of Gravyty’s professional fundraising team members, each with an average of ten years of fundraising experience, Gravyty Live takes strategic direction from an organization’s leadership and helps frontline fundraisers leverage Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement tools to achieve their organization’s goals more efficiently. This personalized engagement with Gravyty’s technology and team means AI-enabled tools are constantly in-line with the strategy set by our customers.

    “Every nonprofit organization has a unique fundraising strategy to match its mission. Gravyty Live ensures that an organization’s strategy remains the driver and that artificial intelligence consistently supports those efforts. Gravyty Live help fundraisers accelerate great human-to-human interactions,” said Lisa Alvezi, Director of Customer Success at Gravyty.

    Gravyty Live will be included for free for every user in the first year of a Gravyty contract. All current Gravyty customers will also receive the first year of Gravyty Live for free.


    Introducing Gravyty for Managers
    As part of Gravyty 2.0, we also proud to introduce Gravyty for Managers, which allows managers to better support frontline fundraisers with easy-to-read visualizations that show how fundraisers manage their portfolios with AI and measure individual KPIs around activities and outcomes. With the heavily requested features that make up Gravyty for Managers, managers can now understand the full breadth of fundraiser activity so they can reward successes, address performance issues, and help uncover new AI-enabled strategies.

    Gravyty 2.0 - Gravyty for Managers

    Gravyty 2.0 & The Gravyty Ecosystem of Partners
    By leveraging amazing ecosystems and integrations from partners such as Salesforce, Ellucian, and ADVIZOR Solutions, Gravyty established and accelerated integrations to an industry-leading four-week process. And, because our great partners have platforms and products that Advancement teams already use, we alleviate pressures placed on our customers during implementation. This also includes new integration processes for Blackbaud’s NXT and Blackbaud CRM.

    Gravyty also developed strategic partnerships with iWave and Brodeur Partners to produce joint solutions that transform philanthropic giving in revolutionary ways. These partnerships use Gravyty’s AI-enabled suite of tools as a delivery system for critical insights that drive frontline fundraiser behaviors in ways never before possible.

    Gravyty's Ecosystem of Partners

    Product Enhancements
    With Gravyty AI-enabled Fundraising 2.0, each one of Gravyty’s products received significant enhancements that reflect customer feedback and our learnings over the past two years. We’ve also applied the amazing work of Gravyty’s industry-leading data science and software engineering teams. These advancements include more robust neural networks, deep reinforcement learning techniques that lead to more efficient fundraising predictions, and updates to our Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques that allow fundraisers to spend more time building relationships and less time sourcing, analyzing, and manipulating data.

    “At Gravyty, we measure our success by our ability to turn artificial intelligence into fundraising dollars for our world-class customers. Gravyty 2.0 further delivers on this vision by strengthening our product through data science engineering,” said Rich Palmer, co-founder and CTO, Gravyty. “Many companies are caught in the research phases of utilizing machine learning, reinforcement learning, neural networks, and other disciplines that make up AI. Gravyty’s verticalized, use-case driven approach allows us to pair the right data, algorithms, and features together to elevate our AI-enabled offerings to tools that fundraisers can use today.”

    First DraftGravyty First Draft in Gravyty 2.0

    Advancements to Gravyty’s flagship AI tool, First Draft, mean better predictions and quicker language and action learning and improvements for frontline fundraisers. Coupled with a deep focus on the fundraiser-donor relationship, First Drafts are also more personalized and more relevant to individual donors than ever before. This includes:

    • Applied patent-pending NLP for better learning to understand how fundraisers change behaviors based on types of donors
    • Improved prospect and donor segmentation within First Draft workflow
    • The introduction of Intuitive Progress Tracking (IPT) on outreach, gifts, visits, and engagement to let fundraisers know where they are in their journey with donors through Gravyty

    Gravyty GO!
    Gravyty GO! in Gravyty 2.0

    Customers asked for ways to access more ROI from travel and updates. Gravyty GO! delivers with AI and machine learning techniques for better, smarter travel planning including:

    • Hyper-localized travel suggestions using refined graph theory algorithms that dynamically adjust to zip code-level travel based on population density, traffic data, and additional factors
    • Trips prioritized by an anchor visit and then supported with suggested meetings, using Gravyty’s algorithms
    • Smarter integrations with Weather.com, Yelp!, news feeds, and other third-party APIs to proactively personalize travel outreach for fundraisers

    Gravyty Guide
    Gravyty Guide in Version 2.0

    In Gravyty 2.0, Gravyty Guide receives new features that allow Gravyty to more efficiently learn how individual fundraisers interact with their donors, including:

    • 60-90-120 smart alerts for fundraisers with large portfolios and prospect pools, automatically letting fundraisers know when it’s been too long since their last contact with a prospect or donor
    • Birthday Notifications – Gravyty Guide tells frontline fundraisers when their prospects have upcoming birthdays, and prompts a First Draft to acknowledge a donor’s special day to strengthen personal connections
    • Enhanced Follow-ups – Gravyty 2.0 ensures that frontline fundraisers never have to worry about follow-ups falling through the cracks in their busy days. Through Gravyty Guide, fundraisers set follow-ups, plan the right outreach, and reference notes from previous conversations all within a single email

    Gravyty Stewardship
    Gravyty Stewardship in Gravyty 2.0

    Gravyty Stewardship enhancements include better AI algorithms to pick up on giving trends to allow fundraisers to continue to build meaningful relationships with donors, including:

    • Anomaly detection to alert fundraisers to giving increases or decreases
    • Segmentation to ensure the most appropriate stewardship message reaches the right donor at the optimal time
    • Smart fundraiser alerts for donor milestones, such as increased giving milestones, consecutive giving alerts, new giving society donors, and more

    If you'd like to learn more about how Gravyty Live, Gravyty 2.0, and our AI-enabled suite of tools expands the working capacity for fundraisers and entire Advancement teams, let us know. We'd be happy to schedule a demo with you. 

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