By Drew Fox Jordan • August 16, 2021

    How Travel Planning Efficiency Can Strengthen Fundraising Results

    Travel is still very much up in the air for fundraisers given our ongoing challenges with COVID-19. While some have been cleared to return to this vital function of the job, others continue to be grounded due to health concerns in certain areas. For those able to hit the roads again, the need for the planning and execution of these trips to be seamless may be as important as ever.

    How Travel Planning Efficiency Can Strengthen Fundraising Results

    Over the course of the last year and a half, fundraisers haven’t had the chance to engage major donors with the type of face-to-face interactions either party has come to expect. Consider the new prospects that came into the mix and it all adds up to a great deal of relationships that haven’t been given the quality in-person attention they rightfully deserve.

    Fundraisers eager to make up for lost time may think their best course of action is to dive headfirst back into travel planning. But at what cost? With so many steps to coordinate, travel planning is simply an arduous endeavor that cuts into the time fundraisers should be spending cultivating relationships and driving meaningful outcomes for their organizations.

    Improving workforce efficiencies in this manner is a major element behind the AI-based travel tool, Gravyty GO!, Through its On-Demand Travel Tool in particular, fundraisers can lean on it to handle the coordination and planning of their upcoming trips to ensure they are as fruitful as possible. 

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    It all starts with a simple email, too. Once you’ve decided on your destination, you email Gravyty GO! to confirm:

    • The location & dates you’ll be traveling
    • The radius you’d like to travel
    • If you’d like to see only your anchor donors in this region, or if you’d like to assess all the donors in your portfolio from this region
    • The portfolio or portfolios you’d like to include in your search

    From there, depending on the details you provide, we’ll send you a custom Gravyty GO! travel report right to your inbox – just like your very own personal travel assistant.

    Gravyty GO! also offers a monthly report through its Proactive Travel Tool, which helps fundraisers to coordinate upcoming travel plans with customized itineraries in their inboxes on the first of the month.

    Regardless of the path you choose, Gravyty GO! can provide fundraisers the fastest way to take action - and take flight – while alleviating time-consuming processes that take you away from where your time is best served.

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