By Drew Fox Jordan • March 19, 2020

    How To Work From Home

    In these unprecedented times, many people are forced to work from home. For some, WFH is an old hat. For others, it is a new territory. What is new for all of us is the scale at which WFH is the new normal. Not only do we have to weigh how to be productive workers ourselves, but we also have to consider how entire teams efficiently collaborate, communicate, and execute.

    We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces of advice to help you execute:



    A dedicated workspace is the most important element.

    – Peter Vandendriesse, founder and CEO of Guestboard (via DreamHost)

    Depending on the situation, this can be difficult. But, even if you dedicate a dining room table, coffee table, or loveseat to be your office for the day, you can begin to set boundaries and establish an “office.”

    Try switching most remote communication to regular video calls, which are a much better vehicle for establishing rapport and creating empathy than either e-mails or voice calls. And design virtual team-building rituals that give people the opportunity to interact regularly and experience their collaboration skills in action.

    – Erica Dhawan and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (via Harvard Business Review)


    When it comes to the camera and looking polished: “Look up, not down.

    – Amber Mac, best-selling author and media personality (via Fast Company)

    Let your audience focus on your eye-line (and avoid the double chin!).

    Scrunch up your face, raise your shoulders to your ears, shake your body like a wet dog, and reach for the sky—before the cameras roll.

    – Nancy Ancowitz, business communications coach (via The Introvert Entrepreneur)

    We’ve all been there. Don’t be the one clearing your throat, moving around, and getting comfortable after you’re on camera for all to see.

    "If you need to make a first impression, don't do it in your bedroom in your bed surrounded by your covers.

    – Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi (via CNN)

    We suggest taking this piece of advice beyond first impressions. While working from home, it’s always important to come across as professional. Take a second to consider what your surroundings communicate about you.



    A line you should consider getting used to repeating: “Hey, just a heads up, I might have a kid walk into this room, and I will handle it and get right back to you.

    – Patrice Cameau, owner, CAMPspace (via CNBC)

    With this inevitable change in the horizon, we have the unique opportunity to rewrite what inclusive workplaces are supposed to look like. As our conventional wisdom is stretched to limits unimaginable, we will find ourselves in a need to break social barriers and stigmas. A child’s laughter in the background of a conference call, an employee taking lunch to make fingerprint animals, a nursing mother on a virtual meeting will, in [a] couple weeks’ time, seem more normal than it ever has to some of us.

    – Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate Network (via Forbes)


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