By Drew Fox Jordan • September 17, 2020

    How To Take The Guesswork Out Of Qualifying Donors

    Donor qualification can be a difficult process because of undefined parameters for fundraisers to determine how to qualify or disqualify a prospect. There is no secret number of touchpoints it takes or the amount of time given to each prospect because each organization is different and has different standards for what the ideal donor looks like. This leaves lots of room for human error and guessing.

    What makes this process easier is segmenting prospects into different groups based on reactivity to outreach. The issue here is having data that would allow you to segment donors. Being able to look at organization-wide data would help leadership see what’s productive, what isn’t, and where they can make adjustments to optimize the overall strategy.


    Having more conclusive data on how prospects are reacting to outreach allows fundraisers to adjust their strategy in many different ways. For example, a prospect is not receptive, it might be time to try a different approach to contacting them like a phone call instead of an email, or changing the messaging entirely. Being able to see multiple failed attempts to contact a prospect allows the fundraisers to quickly disqualify them and start doing outreach to someone who could be more receptive.


    With email analytics, Gravyty now helps organizations quickly disqualify unengaged prospects so fundraisers can focus their time on real opportunities. For example, if you have a pool of 100 prospects, you’ll be able to look at their open and response rates to gauge whether or not they are engaged. If only 56 percent are opening that email outreach, you’ll be able to replace the remaining 44 percent with other prospects who might respond.

    Gravyty Announces Technological Breakthrough With Integrated Productivity Tools

    With these analytics tools, Gravyty also gives frontline fundraisers and managers the ability to assess which activities are the best use of a fundraiser’s time by considering how their days are being structured, how many donor-facing communications they’re having, and if the content they’re using is effective.

    Customers come to Gravyty because they’re looking to sustainably maintain 100 percent portfolio saturation of primary portfolios while building a pipeline by asking their most talented gift officers to also manage discovery portfolios. With Gravyty’s email analytics tool, organizations gain the ability to make strategic decisions for these portfolios -- beyond what research can provide, because it’s based on actual signals being sent by prospects and donors. By making strategic portfolio decisions, based on actual data, organizations can bubble warm prospects to the top of priority lists.

    Are you ready to gain better insight into the efficacy of your outreach? Talk to a Gravyty specialist today and learn how email analytics can improve fundraiser outreach.

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