By Drew Fox Jordan • November 18, 2021

    How To Prepare For The Next Evolution Of The Donor Pyramid

    How To Prepare For The Next Evolution Of The Donor Pyramid

    The donor pyramid is evolving in today’s giving environment. With fewer donors making gifts, fundraisers either ask major donors to give larger gifts or give more often, running the risk of donor fatigue. 

    On top of this, the competition for donor dollars is increasing. As a result, there is a fundamental clash for connecting with more of the right donors to secure the major gifts to sustain your cause. In other words, for your organization right now, you can pretty much guarantee that whomever you are approaching or cultivating for a potential major gift is being approached by numerous other organizations, too.

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    The way to combat donor fatigue head-on is by inspiring new top-rated donors that you might not have identified already within your prospect pool and start cultivating relationships with them.

    Easy, right?

    To help you evolve your donor pyramid and discover new opportunities for giving that drives revenue — without risking donor fatigue or simply hoping that frontline fundraisers can produce superhuman outcomes — here’s three easy ways to ensure you’re a step ahead:

    Fix The Cracks Now

    It’s always best to address issues upfront before they get out of control. When it comes to assessing your donor pyramid, take a hard look at whether it’s structurally sound for the future or if those cracks are signs of issues to come. If you’re sensing signs of stress on your top-tier donors, it may be emblematic of a larger problem that’s worth addressing before it gets worse.

    Cultivate First-Time Donors  

    Sure, the average gift from a first-time donor may not be substantial, but it’s the first step in a growing relationship. One that a fundraiser is responsible for nurturing and uncovering its true value. While you may not have taken the time to engage such donors in the past personally, the reality is you can no longer afford to ignore them. To ensure they come back in subsequent years willing to contribute more, you must take the time to provide them with your personal attention. 

    Buy In On The Digitization of Philanthropy

    It’s time to accept that digital tools are your competitive advantage when it comes to fundraising. While you may miss the old days of constant travel and in-person outreach, you must realize that you can vastly extend your reach through the use of digital technology. From Zoom meetings and Day of Giving texting to fundraising platforms that leverage artificial intelligence, technologies are available to help you reach more of your donors and expand your stewardship.

    Of course, the best way to prepare your organization for the next evolution of the donor pyramid is with Gravyty's "Fixing A Cracked Giving Pyramid". You'll get an in-depth look at what steps you can take today to fix existing cracks in the pyramid and prevent them from happening in the future. Download for free today:

    How To Prepare For The Next Evolution Of The Donor Pyramid



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