By Drew Fox Jordan • September 20, 2021

    How To Increase Fundraising Revenue With Auxiliary Portfolios

    With major gift officers focused on top-tier donors, finding the time and opportunity to dive deeper into the donor pyramid is a challenge. Yet, as organizations continue to push fundraisers to find ways to saturate their portfolios further, the need for new strategies and efficiencies also becomes vital to ensure increased capacity.

    How To Increase Fundraising Revenue With Auxiliary Portfolios
    If this scenario resonates, then implementing an auxiliary portfolio may be a viable solution for you.  Let's cover the basics to ensure we have a clear understanding of what auxiliary portfolios are and the value they bring to your overall fundraising efforts:

    What: Auxiliary portfolios are supplementary portfolios that support a gift officer's work with their primary portfolios. It does not replace a fundraiser's primary portfolio.

    Who: Prospects placed within auxiliary portfolios are a targeted subset of donors. They are a group of donors who aren't receiving the full attention of gift officers, but they have been receiving personal communications and show a great affinity for your organization. They stand out in some ways – maybe through the consistency of their gifts or their capacity for giving – but not enough to move them to your primary portfolio. With that said, they are an ideal group to cultivate to drive increased giving.

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    When: Diving into your auxiliary portfolio can come into play whenever you have that little bit of free time. Having a list of prospects from your auxiliary portfolio at the ready when you travel offers opportunities to meet and greet these additional prospects if your schedule allows. Have a few extra minutes in the office? Sending a few personal emails to your auxiliary portfolio every other day is an easy win as you explore new fundraising opportunities.

    Why: We're all well aware of the presence of donor fatigue when it comes to major donors. 71% of advancement professionals express concern about taxing their foremost supporters. On top of this, let's face it, sometimes the well runs dry within segments of your primary portfolio. The auxiliary portfolio is your reserve at the ready: a go-to segment of donors and prospects when you need to expand your fundraising efforts.

    How: Finding the time to develop these portfolios, let alone engage the prospects within them, is perhaps the biggest challenge. Yet, they can be worth the effort given the impact auxiliary portfolios can have on an organization's ability to scale its outreach. Taking the time to build out these segments intentionally can take days to weeks depending on the audience, but once established can be put into play quickly.

    We look at how to establish an auxiliary portfolio strategy and the keys to successful execution more in-depth in our free fundraising toolkit. Download your copy today and learn how you can dive deeper into the donor pyramid today:

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